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  1. Hello everyone! Please join us in the latest and 99% bug free server close to official Dragon Nest server! No OP modification. No overdamage. Server has no OP donate exclusive items for pay to win players. Best private server that stays true to the essence of Dragon Nest where mechanics and partying matters!

    Game Server is located at Canada but the game itself is accessible and playable worldwide even here in Philippines! There are some Pinoy players in the server so feel free to join our growing community.

    Latest Server Content:
    Bleed Phantom release!
    Lancea Awakening release!

    Game Info:
    1. All skills updated and has minimal to no error with awakening.
    2. Permanent costumes are distributed the moment you start playing (per character)
    3. Working transformation for costumes
    4. A lot of nostalgic costume sets in the shop to pick
    5. Free gacha boxes can also give a chance to get free costume parts
    6. Costume Synthesis, Equipment Evolution, Spirit and Pet Growth
    7. Safe Enhancement of Equipment up to +15 (Maximum of +20)
    8. This is the latest and most perfect DN private server closest to the original. See you in-game

    Drop Rate: x5
    Exp Rate : x10
    Gold Rate: x50

    1. Facebook: http://bit.ly/2M83RYY
    2. Discord: http://bit.ly/2JmhSVp
    3. Website: http://bit.ly/2JlEEga

    Screenshot of my character after 1-2 weeks of playing... [​IMG]


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