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    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:

    Google Public DNS:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:

    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
    Quick Resource: How to use OpenDNS by Unwired

    Verizon / GTEI:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:

    Destiny Cable Internet:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
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    yung thread kong ganito dati daming DNS list dun na shinare nila tol warlock.
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    Destiny Cable Internet


  5. pano gamitin yan mga bossing?
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    para san ba tong mga dns na to?
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    DNS servers are used to resolve server domain names to server addresses. For example, when we type www.yahoo.com on our browsers, the DNS server finds out what is the IP address of that domain and passes it back to our PC for processing.

    Not all DNS servers are available for use on all networks. Kadalasan, mga DNS server ng ISPs, naka-restrict lang to members of their network. Other 3rd party DNS service providers are open for public access.

    How to use? Just put the appropriate entries on your router or PC and test if they work for you.

  8. thank you dito nabwubwuset aku sa dns server ng pldt

  9. hnde po ba automatic na ang server nagbibigay ng DNS sau..?
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    ^^Yes, kadalasan automatic siya. The problem/issue is on the reliability of the DNS server na ibinigay ng DHCP. Useless din sila kung lagi siyang down or timed-out, which has the effect of slowing down your web browsing and other DNS reliant operations.

    You can manually substitute better performing DNS servers in that case... ;)

  11. oic..pano po palititan? pwde po ba palitan dns lng? blank lng subnet tsaka ip?
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    ^^Yes, pwede palitan DNS servers lang sa TCP/IP properties.

    Some ways of doing it:

    1) If using a router: specify the DNS servers manually on the router configuration page. You usually select "Static DNS" or "User Defined" and then input the DNS addresses accordingly. The router should take care of assigning the specified DNS entries to the PCs connected to it via DHCP.

    2) On a PC: Right-click the network connection and select "Properties". Double click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)..." and set the DNS settings manually by selecting "Use the following DNS addresses". Type-in the desired DNS addresses there.

  13. anung magandang dns para walang porno... aside sa opendns

  14. Sir pano po pag sa vista? Hindi ko mahanap eh
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    You could try DynDNS Internet Guide (see: www.dyndns.com). It works like OpenDNS, so you have to have an account with it (free naman ito) for finer control of the filtering and blocking settings.

    IMO, OpenDNS is still the best right now in terms of speed and performance.
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  17. thanks sa update.. :D

  18. @josekym
    thanks po
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    i use DynDNS for my clients IP Host monitoring only ^^
    pinging thier IP if it is online.

    i used also OpenDNS, for URL Blocking
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    opendns sakin for porn site blocking. marami kasing pasaway na tomer na mahilig sa porn.

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