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Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by skatzteyp, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I am having this problem since the installation of my connection about 3 months ago. I have the 2mbps plan of globelines using prolink h6300g router which was included in the package. The problem is I always get disconnected from the internet from time to time depending on how many devices are connected (usually 1hr++ if only 1 device is connected, 1min-15min if more than 1 device is connected). I tried resetting the router but didn't fixed it. Any ideas and solution for this problem?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    Please describe how you get disconnected. Nawawala ba yung LED light ng "Internet"? Or ng "DSL"? Kapag na-DC ka ba, may dial-tone yung phone line mo?
  3. cashimaru

    cashimaru Member

    nag kabit ka po ba ng extension line sir?

  4. Pag na ddc ako nawawala yung light ng "ADSL". Pero yung ibang lights umiilaw pa.

    Yup. May dial tone pa rin yung phone ko.

  5. josekym

    josekym Member

    Ah, kung biglang nawawala yung ADSL LED indicator (and consequently starts blinking), then it means na nawalan ng synch yung modem mo sa line.

    You can try taking a peek at the modem line stats on your H6300G. Punta ka sa status page niya (Status -> Device Info) and see the values for SNR Margin, Attenuation and Data Rate. Also take a look at the ADSL stats (Status -> Statistics -> ADSL) to check if any errors were registered.

    I trust that the ADSL filter is in place?

  6. eto po
    SNR Margin : 36.3 6.4 db
    Line Attenuation : 17.0 8.5 db
    Data Rate : 3072 1019 kbps

    sa ADSL status, 0 errors yung nakasulat, try ko check again if I get disconnected later.

    Ano po yung ADSL filter? San ko po makikita yan?
  7. josekym

    josekym Member

    Hmmm... Mukhang ok naman yung numbers mo...

    Yung ADSL filter looks something like this:


    It is usually installed just after the modular box (RJ-11 box or wall outlet) and is where the modem and telephone handset are connected.

    What network activities are you doing during the time the discon happens? May torrents ba or similar file transfer from Internet to LAN?

  8. Ahh yun pala yun... Yup meron pong ganyan na nakakabit.

    Ano pa po reason bakit ganito connection ko?
  9. ayie

    ayie Member

    oo nga, baka noise lang yan. pa check mo din sa line man nila yung linya mo baka grounded. tama si sir josekym. i-powercycle mo muna. tapos check the lines kung properly installed.

    matanong ko lng ts. may malapit ba na transformer sa inyo? ung globelines n b yan eh cable dsl?

  10. Kahit ano po, browsing, streaming and downloading movies, playing online games or even just playing offline games (kahit minesweeper lang nilalaro ko naddc pa rin)

    I don't think sa location yung problema kac we have 4 internet connections in our house 2 globe, 2 pldt but the other 3 are working fine even the globe one.
  11. ayie

    ayie Member

    @ts - yes you have 4 connection pero hindi iisa ang pinang gagalingan. may kanya kanya kasing linya yan. pa check mo p din sa line man ng isp mo ung linya mo.

    matanong ko ulit. na powercycle mo na ba yan? stiill no synch pa din? kung na-ddc after ilang mins. its either sa linya (lan cable, rj 11, hnggang sa labas na nakakabit sa box nila) or sa pc mo :) . have you tried to check your port stats sa kanila?
  12. josekym

    josekym Member

    Base sa description mo, ang mga maaaring dahilan:

    1) Line noise (transient) or loose/old physical connections (cables or wires between you and the ISP
    2) Defective na ADSL filter (allowing noise to disturb the ADSL signals)
    3) Defective modem
    4) Hindi kaya ng modem mo i-maintain yung synch niya on that particular line (long loop, etc.)

    Ano pala modulation ng modem mo? ADSL2+ ba? Go to Advanced Setup -> ADSL on your modem GUI and see.

    Try mo gamitan ng G.DMT on Annex A lang and test kung mag-improve yung connection stability ng modem mo.
  13. primus

    primus Member

    sounds like your line is affected by interference, more electronics turned ON the more you get disconnected? what are your devices?

    use a toroid and loop your telephone line to it, that will lessen any interference from your devices, you can get a toroid from your old power supply.

    I had the same problem with my DSL modem, my POTS line is buried with other cables at the back of my devices and every time I turn ON some devices I will lost the sync, it took me many weeks and many complaints to isp provider and they have done their best and I even checked the line stats myself, it suddenly hit me, I have many devices and one of it is the CRT monitor that bleeds a lot of RF/EMI which affects my dsl line.

    here is my toroid, after i installed this, I never had any problems at all.


    before you do any adjustment to your dsl modem configurations, ensure that your line doesn't inherit any interference from anything. - it will be useless to play with your dsl modem if your line itself is the cause of the problem.

  14. Tumawag na ako sa globe about nito. Yung kausap ko sa telepono pinapa repair connection lang ako sa pc kac wala daw problema sa line namin. Yung pumunta naman na technician ganun lang din ginawa tapos sinabi wala daw problema.

    I'll try to get them check my line again. Dun siguro yung problema.

    Thanks for the help. :D
  15. ayie

    ayie Member

    @ts - ayun oh, sinabi na ni sir primus. ang gawin mo na lang is pa check sa line man nila yung line mo sa labas ng bahay if ever na wala namang problema sa wiring mo sa loob. kasi baka may umido yung line mo na nag cacause ng disconnection or grounded.

  16. Hi,

    After the long weekend, tinry ko yung mga suggestions nyo except yung sa torroid (since I can't get one) and yung pag check ng cable since holidays baka nagbakasyon mga tao. I tried replacing my adsl filter and my cables from pc to router, no luck pa rin. Tinry ko tong sinabi ni josekym:

    wow, di na na ddc yung connection ko. I have been using my internet since holiday vacation up until now without any interruptions.

    Thanks a lot sa mga replies nyo primus, ayie at josekym and also for solving it. It really helped me alot. Thanks again! :D
  17. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Wow! Glad you sorted that out already.

    Happy New Year!

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