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  1. can iuse another modem aside from the default modem they given to me destiny always dc. u think i can use my old modem router in pldt maganda kasi to eh we have 4 pcs in our house di kaya magkaroon ng conflick sa configuration u know. diffrenet brand of modem and router and diffrent isp provider pls someone help me tnx in advance :D
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    hindi ko naisip agad na cable nga pala yung isa. magkaiba ang cable modem sa dsl modem.
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    destiny uses a cable modem while pldt uses a dsl modem.
    Cable - Coaxial Wire
    DSL - Telephone Wire

    Magkaiba po yun...

  4. ay oo nga pala toinks he he definitely di nga pede he he

  5. try mo muna iparehas ung mga wire na kailangan nla dun pra wlang mgng problem db?

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