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  1. Eto mga naging ISP ko sa dial up before settling down with PLDT DSL. I started going on line in Oct. 1995.

    1. Virtual Asia
    2. Philworld (closed down bagal kasi)
    3. Infocom
    4. Broline
    5. I-Manila
    6. Metronet (closed)
    7. Netgazer (closed na rin ata)
    8. Tri Isys
  2. zackxxx

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    Wow! 1995? Tagal na ah.

    Ako 2000 lang ako natuto maginternet at magpc.

    1. Pacific una. Plan pa. P250 yata yung 5hours.

    2. Philworld card P100 3 hrs yata di ko na matandaan.

    3. PLDT vibe c50/min yata.

    4. Pacific card P100/9hrs yata di ko na din matandaan
    may free 11pm-7am

    yung iba nakalimutan ko na. Sa Bulacan ako dati kaya k0nti lang available na ISP di tulad sa M.M.
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    Parehas din pala tayo 1995. I miss the Win95-98 days hehehe.
    1. Philworld
    2. Tri Isys
    3. PLDT-Vibe
    4. BL@ST

    Somewhere on 2005-2006, we finally got residential DSL, starting from PLDT myDSL to BayanDSL.

    SDMF459-03of56 -35 0thg10h 3we
    r2g+ 867/*47+9


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