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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by iceknight, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. I just recently subscribed to myDestiny's sdsl service -- its their 'answer' for the broadband needs of us condo dwellers.

    I just relocated to a new condo here in mandaluyong where the condo admin has a tie-up with myDestiny which means that they are the only ones allowed to connect with the condo's phone infrastructure.

    Super bad trip lng talaga becasue Destiny's sdsl sucks big time.

    - For the 1 week that I am subscribed, I already had a downtime of 2 days.
    - Then if you leave the connection on for 30 minutes or more (without activity), the modem hangs. You have to restart the modem just to be able to surf again.
    - I can't play any online games because my ping time (just the hop from my modem to the first destiny server) averages 1000ms. ARGH.
    - I also have an average speed of 80kbps at any given time of the day. Even in the wee hours of the morning.
    - Their customer service sucks!!! If you try calling them, you'll the call router will disconnect you if there are no available agents. There is no option to be put on a waiting(hold) list. You can text them about your problem, they advertise that they will call within 20 minutes of receiving the text. YEAH RIGHT. I've tried it and the fastest return call I got was 4 hours!

    *sigh* If only I have an alternative. Anyone who has the same problem as I have? Baka may solutions kayo na worth checking out.

    ** I know how bad my connection is because prior to moving here, I had Bayantel/Sky Dsl and their service was topnotch. I was subsribed for 2mbps, had a stable connection speed of 1mbps and the only downtime I had was during milenyo.

  2. Yeah, we're on the same boat. My condo also has a tie up with Destiny which pretty much limits my options. In fact, I pretty much posted the same experience here.

    The only option I can think of right now is to downgrade my plan to the cheapest possible since you don't get what you pay for. Have you tried downgrading your plan?

    Also, where's your condo?

  3. California Garden square.

    No downgrades for me since they only have on sDSL package - the 999 for 512mbps speed.

  4. Have you tried asking for a rebate for your downtime? Because we've been down for more than 2 weeks and they agreed to give us the appropriate rebate. But I'll believe that when I see the bill.

  5. i agree also it sucks.. installation sucks also big time.. sabi 3 days lang daw installation.. its been 6 days already.. no connection yet..
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    you should tell the condo admin about they can look for another provider.....
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    kaylangan kukulitin mo pa sila bago ka nila kakabitan feeling pa vip sila e

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