Destiny is the worst broadband provider I've tried

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by Phobos, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. As a backgrounder. I am a subscriber of three different DSL services for three different locations:

    Bayantel DSL - Home
    Smart Bro - Business
    Destiny - Condo

    Of the three, Destiny gives me the worst value for money. For Bayantel and Smart, I'm on a 384kbps plan, and they give me very satisfactory speeds -- averaging 250Kbps and above download speeds.

    Destiny on the other hand cannot even give me a third of that. When I check my speeds, I find out that I am averaging around 40Kbps transfer speeds. I even get time outs when I'm checking my Gmail!

    Unfortunately, I have no choice because the condominium where I'm staying has a partnership with Destiny and they don't allow any other broadband providers.

    When I tried downgrading my plan, I was told that they'll only allow that if I refer a friend to destiny or if I pay them the equivalent of 6 months fee. Tama ba yon? Wala na nga akong nakitang maganda sa service nila, tapos mag rerefer pa ako? Tapos papabayaran pa nila ako ng pagkamahal mahal na halaga para sa walang kwentang service!
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    hehehehe yan ang business partnership with the Lim hehehe kidding


  3. [​IMG]

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  6. So after more than 1 month of no internet (you read that right. more than 1 whole fricking month. From Dec 16 to January 24) and no word from Destiny, I finally got my connection back.

    I stopped paying my bills around November of last year so by the end of 2006, my bill was up to 3K.

    But because of the rebates I reported, the actual amount I owe them is now down to 800 with a chance of getting lower after all the downtime has been reported.
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    well at least rebated hindi na tataas blood pressure mo

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    sayang,eh destiny la ang nag oofer ng "unlimited" speeds! hehehe....

  9. oi genexide.. ikaw ba yan sa pics?

  10. para ka yatang sinisipun o ano? hat chu?
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    bless you!hehehe...
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    same case here...but I havent called the billing dept yet to ask for the rebates. And also I have a question, isnt it the 8th and 9th month thats gonna be paid for by the deposit?

    All in all ok pa rin naman destiny for me, just the billing dapat ayusin nila siguro. Nadisconnect ako just because of that. Sabi I have unpaid balance daw. December ko pa nireport un tungkol dapat sa "deposit" na yun. Then a lot of emails to them but no reply. Then january bill ko 4k!! :shock: Ayusin ayusin nila sana... :wink:

    Call nga ako later. Bka maging 200 bill ko ahihihii :lol:
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    wag mo na kya bayaran yan basura naman internet nila sarap tapakan grabe
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    heheh . dami pa rin pal anagkakaproblema with regards myDestiny's billing .. yung sa akin, kinulit ko sa email, nag-request ako ng detailed billing statement kasama pati yung sa 2000 deposit and the rebate that i've requested ..

    ngayong March, eh updated na ulit yung sa billing statement ko ..

  15. may i know what condo, kc i transfered to a new condo and exclusive sila sa destiny, ngayon di ako makapag decide waht dsl to get.


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