Destiny Broadband + DSL router possible?

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by johnnyKGB, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Tech guys from destiny arrived earlier today to connect my internet. Problem was, my router isnt compatible since I have a D-link ADSL modem+router unit.

    SO, i was just wondering if there is any for me to use destiny and still get my router to work with it, since i need wireless connection here at home.

    the technician said something about me using the router as a bridge/access point or something. i don't remember it clearly, im not well versed in this language. hehe

    any ideas, guys? ty in advance.

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  3. motion55

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    The technician is right. You can't use the ADSL modem/router+wireless as modem or router but you can use it as a wireless access point.

    1. Disable the DHCP server of the ADSL modem/router.

    2. Connect its ethernet port to the Destiny modem's ethernet port.

    I am not familiar with the Destiny docsis modems but they may have their own routers.

  4. hmmm. if i set the router to recieve signal from the destiny surfboard modem, that means i won't be able to connect my desktop to it, right? that's actually my problem. we have a desktop here at home and we want to hook it up as well. okay na sana if puro laptops kami eh noh. this is frustrating.
  5. motion55

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    You can always buy a switch/hub.

    Docsis modem -> switch -> wireless AP -> wireless PC

    switch-> wired PC

    Of course, you can also sell the ADSL modem router or swap it with a regular wireless router.

  6. @johnyKGB
    ano po model ng adsl modem/router nyo?
  7. kyndelle

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    hayz mkikisingit lng po. is it worth to pay 3k/month on this!!!
  8. duhwho

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    definitely no hehehe
  9. athenaxds

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    I 2nd the motion

    2,499 Monthly :)
    Eto puno yung shop ngayong gabi.

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