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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by masterboy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. samantha

    samantha Member

    speed is 350...slower than last night...but not getting dc'd... maybe later it'll be better..(i hope...sob)

    plus my ip address seems to have changed...hmmm :roll:
  2. firewired

    firewired Member

    Try a speedtest from Speakeasy. It's what I always use. I get reliable speed results. I don't use the one in PLDT.
  3. donetus

    donetus Member

  4. Guys, how is your upload speed?

    Sa akin, around 120kbps lang eh from the upload test sa

    Download is mga 800kbps.
  5. samantha

    samantha Member

    i did try restarting the modem...its blazing at start but gradually slows down...but sometimes mabilis naman but it does not disconnect like before...

    its direct download... torrent file download is about 62 to 100 depending on the seeders... p2p is about 30 to 50...

    I use abeltronica to test my bandwidth also

  6. Guys, try download and upload speed test, tapos copy/paste results here.
  7. nhk61

    nhk61 Member

    i just called destiny and tama nga you need at least 1 referral to avail 999/mo promo........

    too bad their service didn't even reached in our area only their CATV....
  8. samantha

    samantha Member

    here is what i got from abeltronica

  9. WAAAHH!!!! mag two-TWO WEEKS na DOWN ANG DESTINY SA AMIN!!! :x :x !! Been calling for updates almost every day, "inaayos na sir.. hopefully by TODAY ok na.." ilang beses ko nang narinig yan, wala pa rin!!!

    Started almost 2 weeks ago, intermittent signal, slowdowns, minsan nawawala, tapos mabubuhay uli.. finally since the weekend e tottaly wala na..

    area daw sa amin sa may STA ANA affected.. plus some parts of MAKATI and SAN JUAN daw.. (nag dialup nalang uli ako). Any one here experiencing problems in these areas? Im frustrated, why is it talking so long? Di ko naman makuhang magalit sa mga customer care, wala rin naman silang magagawa at di naman sila ang may kasalanan.. buti wish they have a more competent answer. Ano ba? down ang cables? servers? poste ba problema, or sa home base nila? what?? its very frustrating.. and no guarantees kung kailan maaayos.. may rebate naman daw, but thats beside the point!! I NEED MY BROADBAND!! what if may business ako, esp. if NET CAFE? e di patay na ang negosyo...

    GRRRRRRR!!!!! :x :x :x :x
  10. nhk61

    nhk61 Member

    too bad...
  11. samantha

    samantha Member

    naexperience ko din yan about less than a week ago.. ayaw magconnect but it was ok since 2 days ago... buti nga ikaw e nkacontact sa customer service nila..ako ayaw, nagtext ako siguro mga 20 times..wala man lang isang tawag for 2 days!!! but im still happy with the service, siguro maintenance lang yun..but for customer service, :x nakoooo!!! :x
  12. donetus

    donetus Member

    that happened to me to .. pero the speed that i was getting was that of a dial-up .. 2 weeks sigurong ganun pero nung naayos na eh balik aako sa dating speed .. sarap sarap .. :D

  13. guys, what's the latest with Destiny packages? pakabit sana ako ng isang sub-1000 php na service. magkano na ngayon? parang di kasi inuupdate ang website nila.

    tas anong nariririnig kong referral plan pa? san to applicable, at pano naiba ang monthly charge nya?

    maraming salamat.
  14. ritchy626

    ritchy626 Member

    Is the promo for destiny still available? I am having a hard time calling their hotline. Can anyone help me?
  15. samantha

    samantha Member

    try and try ritchy...mahirap talaga sila tawagan...kahit tech support na lang siguro ayusin nila

  16. scary naman yan.. kakabitan ako ngayon.. sana hnde namn ganon mngyari sakn...
  17. donetus

    donetus Member

    kung sa sales ka, it'd be much easier kung tatawag ka sa umaga kasi pag dating ng tanghali, wala sumasagot sa phone nila ..

  18. totoo pong 700-900 kbps ang destiny, mabilis din sya mag download nakakapag download akong 300-700 kbps pag nagamit ako ng IDM (internet download manager) nakikita ko lang problem is sobrang bagal sa mga online games
  19. donetus

    donetus Member

    hmm, for the past few days mabagal yung upload speed ko ..

  20. mabagal kamo ung torrent.. pag dl parang di makakonek sa traker

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