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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by masterboy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. samantha

    samantha Member


    sino ba gusto magapply? kasi sali ako para dun sa barkadahan promo nila.

  2. I'm interested to apply kung makukuha ko siya at P999/month lang.

    So kung sinong gustong mag-avail ng barkadahan promo, inform me thru email:

  3. donetus

    donetus Member

    well, if you're going to subscribe to myDestiny, you'll still be needing a LAN card installed on your PC ..

    pasok ako sa promo na yan pero wala akong ni-recommend nor na me nag-recommend sa akin .. nag-apply lang ako thru phone .. sinabi ko kasi sa CSR na "the last time i've called, they told me that the monthly is 999" .. then the CSR guy told me that it's a promo (valid until March and i guess it was extended) .. i told him that i'll subcribe to them if 999 yung babayaran ko .. and sabi nya sya na daw maghahanap na iba para pasok ako sa promo na yun . true enough, nakapasok ako .. i'm paying 999 every month . :)

  4. Yes! I called and sabi kaagad nung CSR na P999/mo yung current promo nila. They'll install it sa Thursday.
  5. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    give us feedback...

  6. jantizon

    jantizon Member

    Mabilis pa rin ba ang Destiny? does the service still gives you 1Mbps or more on off-peak (or peak) hours?

    coz im thinking of switching to destiny if you still get those speeds for P999/month...
  7. donetus

    donetus Member

    actually, ok na yung 2.5K .. kasi 500 lang yung installation fee .. yung 2K, yan yung parang "bond" mo sa kanila for 8 months .. for more than 8 months ka ng subcriber nila, you can refund the 2K .. pero kung less than 8 months ka sa kanila, it's bye-bye 2K ..

    ok pa rin naman myDestiny .. open bandwidth ang myDestiny so mswerte ka kung makakakuha ka ng connection greater than 1mbps .. :) .. basta most of the time eh greater than 512kbps makukuha mong connection .. kung bumagal man, the lowest that you should get is 256kbps .. pana-panahon lang naman na babagal yung connection mo (kung umuulan, medyo magkakaroon ka ng konting problem sa speed) ..
  8. samantha

    samantha Member

    my experience with them, 2 weeks pa lang ako sa ISP na yan...
    1st few days: 1mbps download 1.2 mbps upload kaso nadidisconnect
    then I called their tech support which is mahrap tawagan kailangan itext na lang sila... Sabi wala naman daw problem sa connection then papatingnan daw nila sa technicians, hanggang ngayon wala pa speed now is 80 to 120 kbps download minsan di pa mkaconnect..

    is this caused by that storm? curious lang

    while im typing this they called and said resched daw tomorrow ung tech team nila..(wish ko lang!) :roll:
  9. donetus

    donetus Member

    i've been having problems with my connection lately .. sometimes, when i would play DotA (using GG client), there will be a time that i would lose my connectin and on the taskbar, the 2 little monitors (LAN connection) would just acquire a network address .. but the problem when this happens is that it can't actually acquire a connection .. the only way for it to actually acquire a connection is to restart the modem .. medyo hassle yung ganito ..
    and sometimes, the modem would stop responding ..

    i've called the CSR/TSR about this problem, pero what they always say is that "sir, wala naman pong problem sa connection nyo.. imo-monitor na lang po namin yung connection nyo"..
  10. masterboy

    masterboy Member

    About sa Dota magulang tlga ang PLDT pag ibang network ang kalaro mo specially sa freestyle online nag DDC or ma LAG. Pero wag ka magkakamali mag PLDT DSL. ok na yan Destiny.

    Kung intermittent connection nyo. Ganyan tlga sa umpisa kelangan lang pa check ng pa check sa mga tech support hanggnang mahule nyo ung stable na connection.
  11. samantha

    samantha Member

    i was resched for today for the maintenance daw...wala naman sumulpot... but i can connect to the internet now pero ang bagal naman...barely getting 120kbps...dati 800 to 1mbps...hmp!

    nababago ba nila to?

    exactly the same line...hehe

    pagtxt mo naman signal interruption agad...

  12. Saan location mo Samantha?
  13. samantha

    samantha Member

    manila...kanina umaga nadisconnect na naman then di makaconnect...

  14. is this available at alabang and muntinlupa area? thanks!
  15. samantha

    samantha Member

    they arrived yesterday and checked my connection... sabi nila sira daw lan card ko...parang doubtful ako pero bumili ako ng bago (D-Link DFE-530TX+). Pag install ko, parang tama sila... now im getting 700+ kbps download and 800+ kbps sa gabi, and 1.2mbps sa madaling araw...

    i guess siguro tama sila...hehe

    try nyo rin kung sino may problema sa connection bka mkatulong
  16. firewired

    firewired Member

    Hey great! Another happy customer. So far I have seen just 3 here.
  17. samantha

    samantha Member

    it's just been a night so di pa sure kung tatagal ung solution nila. but i'll check it later. It did not disconnect last night till this morning when I left. And this morning, it was at almost 1.6mbps. :p
  18. firewired

    firewired Member

    You must be excited going home later on. You can't wait to check again on your DSL connection.

    For me, they made the right diagnosis and remedy :)
  19. samantha

    samantha Member

    yeah... downloading is a breeze... 30 mb file at 5 to 1 secs using download manager...nice!!! hehe

    what problem did you have before?
  20. firewired

    firewired Member

    Not having any problems now :p Last incident was way 4 to 5 weeks ago (wasn't getting any IP when negotiating DHCP and if I finally got an IP, I cannot reach the login web portal). Am only Plan999 and tempted to get a higher bandwidth plan :twisted: My area seems to be stable and not experiencing any slow downs as several people here have reported.

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