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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by masterboy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. masterboy

    masterboy Member

    Anyone using Destiny 500php promo?

    Anong Speed nito?

    Unlimited usage ba?

    May limit ba un promo?

  2. Wow this is new! Ano mechanics nito? and ano catch?
    Anybody tried this?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow! just found out about this today... 500 a month!! there must be a catch... im thinking maybe limited hours lang kasi meron na dati destiny offer 888 a month for 60 hours internet (w/c is really dumb offer and i wonder if anyone was dumb enough to get this)

    anyway, i went to uy!! revamped na website nila!! cool..! nandoon nakalagay 500 a month offer but NO DETAILS! (I hate it when they do that) Also, sa FAQ nila they wont commit to a speed.. sabi nila maximum daw ng network nila is 10mbps (yeah, right...) but depends daw on other factors, blah blah.. and they just said it will be "several times faster than dialup" Ayaw talagang magbitwa ng figure!!! ano yung "several times"? 2x? 3x? 5x? kakainis talaga...

    anyway, i called up the no. there and talked to Sales Rep (no long wait sa phone.. pag pindot mo after "press 1", nandoon na agad... meaning wala masyadong nag-iinquire?? )

    Here is the Info:

    500 a month nga!!!!! .... for the first month that is... :D
    999 for suceeding months... (theres ur catch but still comparable to others)
    Speed? he said anywhere between 256-512 daw. sabi ko, ows? 256 minimum? sabi nya maybe 200 is the lowest... sabi ko di ba bababa sa 128 or worse, dial up speeds of 64... di daw.. upgraded na daw systems nila.
    2,500 installation fee... lock in period of 8 months lang.. after 8 months you get 2,000 refund daw. This also means YOU CAN QUIT ANYTIME before the 8 months, you just give up the 2,000. He correctly pointed out that this deal is WAY BETTER than others who will charge you A LOT if you quit before ur lock in period..

    so thats the info...

    if u ask me, i think its a good deal.. my only concern is the speed and service. btw, sa website nila they won daw consumer award for best broadband provider!! ows? is this true?? I heard kasi pangit and speeds before but if they upgraded their systems... ok na cguro...

    im surprised there is so few posts about Destiny here at pinoydsl....

    sana others will give their feedback...
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    hehehehe nice reporting...hehehehe

  5. se7en2wo

    se7en2wo Member

    Baka taga destiny sumulat nito.. he he he :)
  6. masterboy

    masterboy Member

    Its true dati kasi akong DESTINY subscriber for 6 months before i left for my vacation in canada.

    The reason is that a lot of people have discontinued their service with MyDesyiny kasi ang mahal ng basic plan nila nun 1600+php yun monthly nila then PLDT launched its 999Php promo so a lot of people disconnected their Destiny Cable and switched to DSL 900+ promos Eg. PLDT, SKY, ZPDEE.

    Medyo naluge ang Destiny dun kasi they werent able to decrease their monthly plan right away and now naghahabol sila kasi ang daming customer and nawala.

    Isa na ako sa mga lumipat ng PLDT but now after experiencing PLDTs 999 Promo ang masasabi ko lang is nagsisi ako sana nag Destiny pa rin ako ulet.

    Sobrang daming problema ng PLDT as said by a lot of forum posters here. Disconnections, Intermittnent Signals, Slowdowns, Dumb Representatives, Slow Service etc.

    While when i was with MyDestiny the only problem i encountered was an occasional downtime when they were doing maintenance work and the fact that when u call tech support sasabhin pa nila sayo na may maintenance work ngang nagaganap and they actually help you do troubleshooting when u have probs on your end unlike PLDT they keep on Denying problems and they keep on pointing the finger in your PC eg. Viruses, SPyware etc. etc.

    I thought DEstiny was bad but after experiencing PLDT it made destiny look like One of the better ISP providers.

    And lastly about sa speed, Yeah they keep on saying that no consistent speed kasi nga cable internet maraming factors like distance, number of users etc.

    bu take note konti nlng users sa destiny so meaning ud get more speed and one more thing..

    I usually make speed test from different websites specially un sa globequest.

    with PLDT im averaging 300-400Kbps on my 384KBPS plan. When i was with destiny the average was around 400-700KBPS no bull promise coz i'd do speedtests everyday. although since its cable the speed really varries may time na 128kbps lang pero sobrang bihira but most of the time tlga pumapapalo ng 700kbps and minsan umabot pa ng 1mbps no joke! ewan ko lng ngayon kung nag downgrade!

    Seeing and reading all the instability of DSL on this foums i know realize the stabiliy with cable internet. Im getting cable after my PLDT expires!
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    actually cable really provides faster speed than dsl..


  8. hehe.. di naman.. excited lang ako pag may nakitang promo..

    anyway its been a while and here is an update:

    so di ba 1st inquiry ko is 500 1st month, 999 daw suceeding months? tapos nagtataka pa ako bec sa website nila e may "500 promo" ads, pero meron din yung 888 ad and 1688 ad ! (di ba ang gulo?)

    when i called the next day, iba nakausap ko.. 2nd month daw is 1688.. sabi ka HA!! Sabi 999 lang!!! Biglang bwelta nung kausap ko "ay, ano yun sir... kailangan pa kayong magREFER ng 2 subscribers..." So may condition pa pala? bakit di sinabi sa akin ng kausap ko? Antipatika pa yung CSR.. sabi ko "naku, si-sign up na nga sana ako sa destiny e.. e kung 1688 a month e di mag PLDT DSL na lang ako".. sagot ba naman sa akin "kayo bahala , sir." Tingnan mo naman, instead na kumbinsihin ako...

    Twag uli ako next day, iba na naman kausap ko (wala daw dyan yung 1st guy na nagsabi sa akin 999 lang). Ganun din, i need to refer guys pa daw... dissapointed talaga ako.. kala ko pa naman makakaboradband na ako sa wakas..

    Finally i called again the next day, nakausap ko uli yung original guy.. sabi ko "akala ko 999 lang, bakit 1688 daw unless i refer 2 people" he assured me.. 999 lang talaga sir.. akong bahala.. so thats that. nagpasign-up na ako. (Ang analysis ko is , theres always someone calling them up to inquire, and so madali lang syang maghanap ng 2 tao na ikakabit sa application ko.. look at me, he promised me 999 rate, e di sign up na ako.. kinabit na siguro name ko to someone ahead of me.. if he told me 1688/mo wag na lang... mabuti e mautak itong batang ito"

    after few days e kinabitan na ako ng Destiny..

    Tanong ko sa installer kung marami na ba sa neighborhood ko.. wala pa daw masyado. tapos yung sa poste na malapit sa amin, may 4 nodes daw.. 1 pa lang nakakabit (cable tv) ako pa land 2nd and the only internet subscriber..

    so now i have broadband na rin!! test ko speeds umaabot nga 700-800 kbps (di pa ako pumapalo sa 1mbps) pero way better than i expected.. definitely better than sa nababasa ko smart wifi and pldt dsl..

    im thankful di ako nagpadala sa mga massive marketing campaign ng pldt and smart.. dito na lang sa mga low-key isps like destiny, di masyadong takaw pansin so limited subscribers, walang masyadong kahati sa bw.. hehe

    sign up na rin kayo!!!!

    and promise talaga.. di ako taga-destiny.... hehe :D

    p.s. btw, yung sa application form na dumating, meron talagang nakasulat na "999 barkadahan promo" . Pero wala ito sa website... i think this is the same sa pldt's 999 student promo.. na ngayon e kahit di ka student pwede mong i-avail...
  9. igorot

    igorot Member

    meron bang destiny sa bandang cavite? gma area
    masubukan din sana to
  10. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    nice to hear from you.. happy surfing too..
  11. masterboy

    masterboy Member

    Sabi ko sa inyo eh! 700KBPS diba? etong 999 promo ng pldt hanggang 400kbps lang tlga. at isa pa sobrang stable ng cable tol promise wala masyadong disconnection, kung meron man pagawa mo agad!

    Try mo madaling araw tol minsan pumalo ako ng lagpas 1mb sa speed nung destiny ako! sarap e nu!?

  12. Ang galing naman yan :wink:
    700kbps!! :shock:
    ... san ba ko pwedeng tumawagfor installation..
    im based here in Pasay near Libertad LRT station. 8)
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

  14. duhwho,

    db si Makhel sa icable - Belltell yun db? do he also engaged in Destiny?

    Thanks :)
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wow! tempting lumipat sa destiny cable ah.. hhhmmmm :)
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    nope makhel is for belltel only.. although belltel uses the infrastructure of destiny...

  17. mabilis talaga yung MyDestiny DSL., yung 999 promo nila umaabot minsan ng 1mbps. ^_^ cguro pinaka mabagal na nila 400+kbps pag peak hours. pero mabilis parin
  18. phi7588

    phi7588 Member

    bka konti plang subscriber kaya gnun?nde kaya?
    sulit naman yan 999 for 1mpbs pero anu tlga ung said speed?
  19. genexide

    genexide Member

    pde ba pang shop yan... ung destiny ko dati ayaw mag konek sa router eh

  20. e2 na lng cguro aq haha do i need a phone line here?

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