Demonoid is back.

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by strangebutcool, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Tsk. Seems like Globe is blocking Demonoid. Had to use a proxy to access it.
  2. eolliver1

    eolliver1 Member

    ^^ yah, Globe's blocking it...
  3. palevelmode

    palevelmode Member

    white page here also...
  4. Latency

    Latency Member

    back for the mean time
  5. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    globe po ako di naman block
  6. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    kaya pala blank din sakin.. pa list naman ng mga proxy sites^_^
  7. ivan02891

    ivan02891 Member

    white page din...zzzz
  8. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    bat ganon blank page sa inyo may kinalaman kaya ang DNS?
  9. pmcastillo

    pmcastillo Member

    Guys, Bayantel aku... pero white sa sakin... hmmmm... baka Bayantel din?
  10. Ominous

    Ominous Member

    Mine just works fine...

  11. blank rin ang sakin, PLDT
  12. slash666

    slash666 Member

    i used Proxy Server just to browse demonoid

    potek na smartbro....
  13. kazafey

    kazafey Member

    kakaiba to ha.. ok naman for me.. PLDT din ako

    look here: PIC

  14. PLDT and SmartBro kami d2 wala rin Blank lang na White
  15. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Napalabas ko na rin. I am using Sun Bro. I cleared the cache of my browser to get it to come out.


  16. Clearing Mozilla FF's cache didnt do anything. Still have to use a proxy just to get to it.

  17. help naman po. i finally got into demonoid, tapos 2 weeks pa lang, ayaw na maaccess ng account ko. wala akong mahanap na matinong sagot anywhere, maybe someone here can relate? i cleared cookies and my cache, ngload yung site, pero when i used the reset password they gave me, it didnt work. bakit ganon? why send new passwords if im banned? no warning, no reason for banning (as i havent been using the site long enough to commit any grievous errors)
  18. josekym

    josekym Member

    Globe connected here. Works for me...
  19. inverted

    inverted Member

    naku wala nanamang patayan ng pc toh.. adik sa ratio ^^
  20. technik

    technik Member

    nabuhay mag uli...kool :)

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