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Discussion in 'Internet cafe business' started by emerose, May 5, 2007.

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    Pareho po ba 'to ng ShadowUser, same company? Almost the same yung GUI nila but with some minor changes. And this one support Windows 7.

    May pamalit na rin sa ShadosUser 'coz this app does not support Windows 7 and Vista.

    Anyhow, thanks for the up. :)

  2. Supported po Windows far wla nmn problem...e2 po un site

  3. 2 main reasons why Deep Freeze sucks:
    1. No folder exclusion list
    2. Gameguard bug

  4. paano po irestrict yung drive? kasi di po maiiwasang meron customer na may malikot na kamay at isipan, kung ano ano binubuksan sa dive D ko, andun yung games ko, tapos yung iba they're trying to copy some. kaya yung ginagawa ko po lahat ng drive naka-deep freeze..tsaka bantay ko yung mga nagdadala ng usb sabay bantay sa remote management ng timer ko...pero mas gusto ko po sana irestrict yung drive. paano po un? thanks for any help! :)

  5. Use a restriction software to hide/disable access your drives...if you are using Cafesuite meron option na pde m hide/disable un access sa mga drives mo...or kung gus2 mo ng solo application use Easy Disk Drive & download mo n lng
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    3. Meron syang "Anti-Deepfreeze" :)
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    Another method is using Windows Built-in Security feature namely, "Group Policy Editor." You can access it thru the Run command (gpedit.msc)

    Windows Key + R | type "gpedit.msc" |Enter | Local Computer Policy | Use Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Explorer ...

    1. Hide these specified drives in My Computer (Enable)
    2. Prevent access to drives from My Computer (Enable)

    Here's another method courtesy of Sir Friday []


  8. Sir vanix_09 are you still here? Please help me also :( Pics on your reply tuts cant be seen na po. Please reply.
    Hoping... -- Paundei

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