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  1. hi mga bossing,
    ask ko lang. minsan kapag nag off ang monitor ko for power saving, ayaw na nya mag on ulet kahit glawin mo ung mouse or press the keyboard. the screen stays blank and the light on the power switch of the cpu fades to green. normally red ang color nya kapag naka-on e.
    So I manually shut down the cpu by pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds and turning it on again.
    minsan ganun din nangyyre kapg iturn on ko cpu. the monitor screen remains blank and the light on the monitor starts to blink. pati ung light sa cpu switch,first magiging red sya then mag fade to green.
    can any of you guys help me with this problem, medyo napapadalas na kase nangyyre and I'm afraid na baka masira cpu ko kaka-manual shut down.
    I would really appreciate your feedback guys.
    thanks... :)
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