Connecting Globe Wimax CPE to Wifi router?

Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by leandrorey, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Can anyone who has experienced connecting a Globe Wimax CPE to a wifi router, help describe the setup, without need to access the wimax CPE gui. I am in Bahrain, but i want to give instructions to my son in bulacan how to connect the globe wimax cpe to an edimax wireless router, with the most minimum technicalities.

    When i was on vacation last March, smartbro was the service provider. I connected the smartbro to an edimax wireless router. Now they have switched to Globe wimax, which i approved to since we are also using Wimax (Motorola) here in bahrain, but ours includes a wifi built-in. Am not sure whether the globe wimax cpe output can be connected directly to the WAN port of the wireless router, since i understand that it is also a router.

  2. ok let me help you on this. although not familiar with edimax broadband encapsulation option. After reading the manual from a more recent model, i guess there is no option for auto configured setting for broadband type like the linksys router.

    Nonetheless, try the cable modem broadband type and see what happens. You said you previously use the smartbro hence wondering why it did not work with globe wimax with similar setup.

    I asked my wife in cavite to change just this week from smartbro to globe wimax. Its similar setup with Linksys wireless router with Auto Configured DHCP encapsulation option. The only change i made was the LAN side ip address which i made from to The former ip is being used by the wimax router so to avoid conflict needed to change the ip of the linksys router to latter.

    With edimax there is no need to change the ip address of the wireless router since it is already different ( thus wondered why it did not work in the first place when you connected your wimax cpe wan port to the edimax wireless router wan port.

    If it does not work, better get a Linsys Wireless Router which is easier to configure and sure to work with the Globe Wimax at about P3,000.

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