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    what do you think advertising is?? - to *entice* people

    i can make 4 modules in 1 day - but that doesn't make student understand it.

    cisco curriculum is to guarantee that student *can* and *will* understand the lecture - what you are trying to demonstrate is this - learn the main course in college and be a college graduate. para bang sinabi mong I can be an engineer by not taking the entire engineering course.

    doesn't matter if it is 5 days or 2 months or even 1 year. definitely you cannot teach a 5 years course in that very short time. hehehe

    me bragging?? i didn't say i'm an ECE, RHE, CCNA, CCNP etc..etc.. i didn't brag anything. i simply question your credibility because it seems your "training" center can cover large modules and compile it into 5 days. I wonder what is it that you remove from your curriculum? definitely streamlining a curriculum would produce a bad product. siguro naman hindi ka bibili ng kotse na kulang-kulang sa turnilyo at piyesa di ba?

    good for you!
  2. primus

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    hehehe.. kulang ba sa turnilyo. tagal naman ng 120 mins. hehehe sa youtube merong ospf explanation in 6 minutes lang.. heheh yun ang nakakatakot sa "short" course eh, maraming part ang missing, it makes a lot more hard to understand the whole thing if there are bits and pieces missing. walang pinagiba yan sa movie, you cannot understand the story if there's a missing part.

  3. @primus

    Hi. All certifications were just stated to cite instructor's competency to teach the subject matter.

    Sige na nga, nagba-bashing na tayo. To each his own naman. If you don't believe that we can teach what we claim, that's okay. I think you haven't experienced that manner of teaching pa kasi, that explains your frame of mind.

    I believe in fast learning kasi. Hindi na tayo bata na mahirap turuan. We are professionals na, mataas na understanding natin, that's why hindi na kelangang i-spoon-feed lahat-lahat.

    In Cisco, all concepts are intertwined. Kung babasahin mo yung mga modules, you'll see na paulit-ulit lang naman. Yung topic sa module 1, introduction lang ng discussion ng module 2. Yung topic sa Module 3, introduction lang ng topic sa module 4. Bakit kelangan ng redundant teaching, if you can explain everything without missing anything in just one go?

    As I've said, to each his own. Some people want fast education because they don't have time. Some people wants something very meticulously that's why they enroll in entire modules. I don't have anything against them, it's their choice.

    We are just merely an ALTERNATIVE. We focus mainly on HANDS-ON exercises, to practice concepts. And when you do something over and over again, by practice, you'll get a firm grasp.

    I think I have answered everything. We can stop now, we're being childish. You can believe what you choose to believe, that's your choice.
  4. primus

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    not all professionals have the quick response sa itinuturo. i am sure you will agree with me na maraming engineer graduates na mahina ang pick-up.

    the very reason why cisco do it that way.. to *make* people understand

    psstt. i have the same qualification of your instructor and i have several more added to it, i also teach privately - i can make you understand several modules in few hours lang, but you must take into consideration that...

    "student learn on different pace"

    you might get student who can understand the entire modules in 5 days and many wouldn't. how do you tackle it if the student has less grasp in 5 days? bahala na sya basta't naka 5 days na sya? ganon ba yon?

  5. @primus

    Hi. One thing in mind when the course manual was made is yung mga beginners talaga. Our training is delivered in layman's term for the students to understand. Kasi CCNA naman talaga is for beginners, diba? entry level yun eh.

    Also, we offer a free seat-in after training for one year. And we give free refreshers at the end of each month para sa malapit nang mag-exam. And on top of that, students can return here sa training center namin for some clarifications, private coaching, and to use our equipments here for practice.

    Hindi naman kami yung training center na bahala na sila pagkatapos, may after-training support kami. Meron talagang mga students na let's say, medyo mabagal, that's why each concept has to be explained in detail, sa configurations naman, bawat command kelangan ipa-intindi kung ano ginagawa nyan, para pag sila na hindi sila nahihirapan. Importante din kasi yun sa troubleshooting eh, alam mo kung anong nangyari pagka-input mo ng commands.
  6. primus

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    just prove my point di ba? since ccna is an entry level and it targets people who *literally* knows very little or nothing at all. the more you need them to understand the entirety of the subject.

    just prove my point again di ba?

    yan ang dapat mong sinabi agad sa advertisement mo.

    ang sama kasi ng dating na in 5 days time eh alam mo na agad ang entire concepts and principle.

    para kasing be a "doctor" in 5 days time ang dating ng advert mo eh.

    private coaching?? that doesn't sound good. kasi a student does not need coaching if he is *trained* well. di ba?

  7. @ primus

    Hi. What we do in our private coaching, is we teach students other topics besides CCNA. Minsan kasi naga-apply sila ng job, na isa sa mga requirements hindi covered ng CCNA and we try to help. Other students naman, they landed a job but needs help in implementing servers na hindi naman kasama sa course outline, we help them. That's what I mean by private coaching.
  8. primus

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    just my opinion, the 5 days is a self-defeating purpose *if* you offer a free 1 year seat-in.

    if the 5 days is effective then you wouldn't need to offer a free year di ba? so since you offer a free 1 year, that makes the 5 days advert totally misleading,

    to me the advert of 5 days thinggy is a marketing hype to entice people, yun pala pag hindi nila naintindihan in five days, they are free to seat-in.

    self-defeating purpose di ba? and misleading ang advert??

  9. The purpose for the free seat-in is, if you have already taken the training ,but was too busy to take the exam, you can seat-in to refresh. Or if you have an upcoming job interview, and you want to refresh on concepts, you seat-in.

    And it's only one time for the entire year, from when you did your training.

    Kahit na gaano ka kagaling, or kahit gaano mo ka-naintindihan, pag hindi mo nagagamit makakalimutan mo. Yun ang purpose bakit pwedeng mag-seat in.

    And we are not misleading. I stand by the quality of our trainings.
    After training support namin yan. Hindi ibig sabihin ino-offer namin yan, ay wala kang maiintindihan sa training.

    Masyado tayong paulit-ulit.
  10. primus

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    hindi tayo pauli-ulit at so far wala pa naman tayong inuulit - the problem here is the way you lay down your cards, masyado kang vague sa mga statement mo. like "zero-knowledge" "private-coacing" "free seat-in"

    para kang nagbigay ng tinapay na hindi alam ang palaman.

  11. Uulitin ko. Our trainings are designed with beginners in networking in mind. No previous knowledge needed, even those with zero knowledge on networking can enroll. We discuss every topic covered on the CCNA syllabus. All our trainings are all PURE HANDS-ON. And, if after training, you weren't able to take the exam due to busy schedules, you can take one (1) free seat-in for one year from the date that you took the training. If, you already landed a job, and you are to do something that is not included in the CCNA syllabus, we can help you ( that's what we mean by private coaching - and that is included in our after training support. ).

    Lahat ng ini-explain ko sayo, nakalagay sa website namin for all to see. Lahat ng after-training support namin nakalagay din dun. please check.

    It's as clear as day. ikaw lang nagpapagulo. hayzzz

  12. Saka nga di ba sabi ko, kung ang paniniwala mo dapat 4 modules ang kunin. That's your belief.

    Not because yan ang paniniwala mo, lalaitin mo ang teaching style namin. If you want to be cynical about it, that's your choice. Pero kung pinalalabas mo ay nanloloko ako dahil sa claim ko, nakakabastos ka na niyan.
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    and who said i am insisting on 4 modules?? read back kid, you are venting it wrongly - wala pa akong nilalait so far, am i skeptic and cynic? definitely, considering the magnitude of "moonlight" training center in the philippines, everyone must be skeptic sa mga unauthorized training center - para kang pumasok sa university of hibok-hibok.

    hindi ako nag-papagulo, sadyang mgaulo ang advertisement mo at walang concrete explanation.

    ano kaya kung ilagay nyo ang "why choose us" on a different tab para kita agad, the music is crap as hell too - lose it!
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    I am no expert here but for a person with "zero knowledge" it's impossible for him/her to grasp for 5 days. Even for a person with good background in Networking will have the hard time getting all those in 5 days. I just don't believe in this for 5 days? kinda impossible if you come to think of the brood topic of networking. But this is only my personal opinion and I am not pulling your business down.

    A good example for this is the CBT Nugget Network + training where you can finish it for couple of days unless you are just setting there listening to the instructor, not taking down notes, etc...

    For those who are interested, just give us the feedback if this Bootcamp is indeed effective as advertised.
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    simple lang ang cisco mga masters, networking fundamentals, CLI commands and routing protocols. kaso ang mahirap ipasa yung exams.
  16. genexide

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    +1 sa cbt

    jeremy cioara FTW!
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    it is not the test, but the strict policy of the test.


    choose that apply... then you choose only 1 answer and the expected answer is 2 answers, mali na agad ang sagot mo.

    may time naman na ang possible answers is 3 pero sa test result dalawa lang dapat mong isagot. considered as wrong answer agad while those 3 answers are suited for that question.
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    Starting CCNA from CBTs are good start if ever naman na meron akong pera to join "some" trainings I will be there only for their machines. I like to try it in real equipments. Mahirap kasi i-try yung ganyan sa workplace natin since yung mga appliance/machines dun eh for production na.

  19. Hi guys! thanks for the replies. What we are trying to achieve in our bootcamp, is to have you to implement, configure and troubleshoot everything that is covered in the Cisco syllabus, like frame-relay, stp, vtp, etc. etc. Then, it would be easier to grasp concepts, like ip addressing, NAT, etc.etc. Mahirap kasing umintindi ng concepts, kung salitaan lang ng salitaan at hindi ina-apply.

    And we are not a *moonlighting* company, as we have invested in all our cisco equipments, and not use simulators. We also have 1 set of 6509-e switches, 7200 & 1800 series routers, to enable students to configure advanced routing and switching. Also, we provide 3 routers and 3 switches per student to be used in all laboratories.

    Of course, students can watch CBTs, in fact we encourage them to use it, but concepts no matter how clearly explained, if not applied is useless.
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    hanggang CISCO simulators lg ako...hehehe

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