Cdr king has a indoor antenna booster.

Discussion in 'CDR King products' started by sappacis13, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Cdr king has an indoor antenna booster. i guess?

    Does this thing increase your speed?

    I've just plan to attached it into my smartbro wireless router...

    I was hoping if somebody already try this thing.

    Mostly smartbro share it router has no antenna so I just have to plan to buy those indoor antenna on cdr king. Hope it would increase my speed up a bit...

    Hope to hear any review... thanks!
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    Speed where? WLAN or WAN?

    Indoor booster antenna's increase the signal strength and coverage (e.g. 1 bar vs 3 bars), therefore indirectly increase the potential for a faster WLAN connection (the better the signals, the better the potential for maxing out connection speeds)...
  3. pcruztemp

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    whether you attach an external antenna to the share it router or to the PC which is trying to connect to the share it router, it will maximize your speed but it will not increase your max speed, but only if mahina ang signal strength to begin with
  4. tobarret

    tobarret Member

    compatible dn ba sya sa mga dmax na router? universal ba yng saksakan ng antenna nyan?

  5. I haven't try this but my friend has try this product. I have heard good reviews about about this. But i think it would only work if you are close to the local digital television transmissions. But don't just go with my should make a little research on this.

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