cdr king android tv?

Discussion in 'CDR King products' started by SnydPaul, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. hello guys im new here... maiba ako ha? since we are talking about cdr king products and I'm in the correct thread naman... Okay ba yung cdr king android tv nila? yung through hdmi coconnect sa led or lcd tv... meron naba sainyo naka bili na dito?

  2. I would like to know this too... Advisable din kaya ito sa small screen? Like 24" LCD TV
  3. banjo151

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    kakabili ko lang 1week ago bumabagal pag maraming apps ang nainstall since single core lang ang procie nya @1.5ghz.
  4. t84


    underpowered hardware...
    android os too old


    look somewhere else for what you need

  5. 6months nasira nah.... not advisable

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