ccna1 or network technology on meralco foundation confuse ka

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    mga bro advise naman po ano kaya mas ok kuhanin na training network technology or ccna1? sa call center kasi job ko now as tech support pero want ko yung actual or hands on talaga. plan ko kasi mag apply as computer technican or basta it staff sa mga company. mas ok cguro kung may traning ako if mag aaply ako. pls advise naman po mga bro if what training i take ko sa meralco foundation. thanks
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    mag ccna ka nalang.. mag RIVANIT ka, ok dun. worth every penny na babayaran mo.
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    RIVANIT first time ko ko po narinig yan sir . school po ba yan?
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    CCNA ka na lang.. para sakin mas ok yun kaso duguan yun.. ako hanggang CCNA 4 nakuwa ko.. kasama kasi noon sa curriculum namin dati.. kaso ang panget nga lang wala kaming actual dahil bihirang bihira lang kami mag configure ng actual more on simulation kami and lecture..
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    bootcamp siya. ok dun 1:1 ang gamit. meaning may sarili kang switch, router at access point. ung 4 na modules mo sa meralco 5 days lang sa RIVAN. tamang tama sa work mo. Magkasabay ang theory at hands on. Panalo pa dun ung finger subnetting. Kakatapos ko lang mag aral diyan nayon ccna na ako. :)
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    sir whre naman ako pwede mag enroll? may certificate po ba dun? mas ok kasi ako sa actual troubleshooting kaya mas want ko maging IT kaysa call center agent. In 5 days tapos na agad yung 4 na modules ganun ba? thanks sa advice mga bro. any suggestions pa mga sir . May konting ipon na din kasi para maka enroll sa mga ganyan mga sir. para medyo qualified naman ako. Nakikita xe sa resume ko puro call center ang experience. Mas ok sana kung may certification para kahit thru fone or actual kaya ko mag troubleshoot
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    yup ung 4 na modules 5 days lang. yup meron silang certification. pero ung certification ng ccna hiwalay mo pa ung itatake. punta ka nalang sa for your inquiries. :)

  8. @vamos_roger
    pede ko din ba malaman kung san location ng RIVAN. gusto ko din i-try. thanks in advance
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    If you need some CCNA e-books just let me know.. hehehe

  10. @kwiki
    me, i want one, :)
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    magkano po kaya mga ganyang klaseng trainings....

  13. @vamos_roger

  14. pag official academy talaga sa mga schools and universities, ung ccna module is around 5k Php per module.e apat module tapos several chapters pa yan tas may exam every chapter.

    sa mga training courses pwedeng days lang kukunin ang isang module or ung apat.ok din un kaso tud turan ng utak yan..

    sa thread starter, i suggest, get an ebook for ccna.get one or two ccna training courses.then take the official ccna exam. then apply ka sa it.

    good luck
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    no problem. :) hindi ka magsisisi diyan sa rivanit.
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    ok sir. meron ako Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA na download ko sir sa demonoid 1.07GB. maganda sya kaso want ko actual talaga sir . salamat sa mga input mga sir. try ko punta sa rivan and try ko din meralco mga sir.want ko kasi talaga mag IT
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    ok sir. meron ako Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA na download ko sir sa demonoid 1.07GB. maganda sya kaso want ko actual talaga sir . salamat sa mga input mga sir. try ko punta sa rivan and try ko din meralco mga sir.want ko kasi talaga mag IT

  18. Hello good day guys! this is Reyna, participant from Meralco Foundation Inc. Ortigas branch. Just finished taking CISCO2 last September of 2013. For those who want to get info or tip about Meralco Foundation Inc. (MFI) traning let me give you some advice about the process. As of year 2013, tuition fee is at P9,400 per module (that's from Cisco 1,2,3&4) that covers 70 hours of training, with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 participants. First thing that I did before I enrolled was I first checked the instructors capabilities like how much do they know about the entire course(CISCO1,2,3 & 4). Out of 7 professors, I ended up with 3 professors, they were teaching all modules from Cisco 1 to 4. ALOOT, PANGILINAN, ESTEVES. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about ALOOT but due to some purposes I ended up with Renan Esteves. (i want to finish Cisco 1 and 2 before December of 2013 for some reason). I'm going to base this statement based on my experience. Renan Esteves was actually a good instructor but before I go any further just a quick Disclaimer: This is not against with anyone else or academy this is just my opinion base on my experience.
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  19. RENAN ESTEVES was actually knowledgeable with what he's doing but he's not that competitive enough to compare with 2 other professors. The way he teaches us is less than what I'm expecting for a minimal number of participants. He mostly attend the meeting without even reviewing or preparinenough what we need to know for that day. (9400 is not a joke and We're not getting the service that we're expecting to get) If you have a question? Hmm don't bother to ask coz he might make you look stupid by telling you... "Diba sinabi ko na yan?! Aii!!" then suddenly you'll gonna notice that you're not the one have those questions in mind. By the way I'm not the only one experienced this nightmare but the whole class haha! MOST of the time.. He assumes that we already know what he's talking about/or teaching us about and that's the reason why most of the time we cant cope up due to fast phasing.

  20. There's one time he discussed something about WILD CARD and mind you! hahah this is epic.. He's having a hardtime explaining what it is and how is it working. He's even doing some computation on his own like he's talking with himself and we're like.. "what he's doing?" "do you get what he's talking about?". Then there we go.. He struggled explaining the process so he ended up saying... "Mejo mahirap talaga to eh.. paki basa nyo nalang sa bahay". I almost laugh out loud with this, but I manage not to! hehe.. When I get home, I tried to watch videos from youtube and the video explains the whole thing in just 2 mins. Easy Pizzy! hahah Darn! Now If you're planning to get an instructor from that Academy.. Better to think again If you'll gonna choose Renan Esteves. Better to choose Aloot and Pangilinan. But based on feedback from my colleagues, friends and contacts. ALOOT is the best instructor for CISCO you can get from Meralco Foundation Inc. Ortigas.

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