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    What is a Diskless Workstation?
    Posted on April 19, 2011 by Alex
    A diskless workstation is a computer that uses network booting to load it’s operating system. The main components of a diskless workstation are CPU, RAM, Video, Sound, Network, and I/O ports.

    Diskless workstations differ from thin clients because they do not have local storage. Thin clients typically have an embedded operating system stored on a compact flash card, or DOM (disk on module). Thin clients can operate as standalone units, or as part of a thin client network. Diskless workstations cannot operate as standalone devices, they require a server(s) to deliver their software over a local area network connection. Diskless workstations offer many advantages over the traditional thin client device.

    Advantages of Diskless Workstations over Thin Clients Cost – Since diskless workstations do not have local storage, they don’t have a local operating system either.This reduces acquisition costs because there isn’t any license fee(s) to pay for an operating system or software installed on the device. Thin clients typically carry additional costs due to the storage media, and the operating system installed. Local storage devices on thin clients also face corruption issues. If the storage medium is corrupted, there may be replacement costs associated with repair.

    Security – Without local storage, diskless workstations never retain persistent data. All data storage is on the server. If the physical device is removed or stolen from it’s position, there is zero risk of data theft. Viruses and spyware are also non-existent on the local device. All human interactions with the device can be monitored via the server.

    Longevity - Spinning hard disk drives are the most common source of failure in computing devices today. Without them, the shelf-life of a computing device increases considerably. Many diskless workstations are self-cooling, they don’t require a spinning fan to keep the temperature down inside the device. Without any moving parts diskless workstations are known for significantly outlasting the shelf life of PCs.

    Maintenance Costs – Even in automated thin client deployments where a central server controls updates and maintenance to local thin client images, failures happen. If a thin client device fails, a trained IT administrator must replace the device and configure it to talk to the central server again. With diskless workstations, a non technical individual can re-connect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and network ports to a brand new workstation and the device will resume normal operation.Diskless workstations remove the need for technical people at the physical site of the device. When applications are added, or updated, these changes can be delivered to all the diskless workstations on the network with a simple reboot.

    source <click here for link>

    Php440/unit - License only (10 clients minimum)​
    Php1000/unit - Assisted setup​
    Php1500/unit - All-in(Cafe timer, game launcher, save/load personal game profile, complete setup - uupo nalang at magbabantay na)​

    accepting harddisk as payment - just pm me​

    Added Feature - Save/Load game profile
    Players can save and load their games anywhere in the network
    It\\\\\\\'s like giving them their own pc to save and load their personal profile eliminating the problem of other users replacing or modifying their saved game

    Download a free 5 users version here <click here for link>

    CCBoot allows a diskless boot of either Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 2008 from an iSCSI target machine remotely located over a standard IP network. Diskless boot makes it possible for computers to be operated without a local disk. The diskless computer is connected to a hard drive over a network and boots up an operating system from a remotely located machine. CCBoot is the convergence of the rapidly emerging iSCSI protocol with gPXE diskless boot technology.

    CCBoot offers a seamless diskless boot. Eliminating the need for a local hard drive opens a wide range of possibilities for network management. Using this configuration, the disks for many network computers can be centrally managed, thereby facilitating backup, redundancy, and dynamic allocation of valuable storage resources while at the same time reducing cost to the enterprise.

    Booting from iSCSI makes system administration considerably easier. Freeing a server of its boot volume allows administrators to manage investments in their iSCSI SANs, attaining improved data security, integrity and recovery, higher availability, quicker server deployment & repurposing, and more efficient utilization of storage resources.

    we accept payments via

  2. post ko lang problem question from other forum


    Originally Posted by xxx [​IMG]
    Mura lang naman hard disk...

    mahirap yan pag nasira server, walang sisindi sa mga computer mo...

    bili na lang ako ng har disk kahit 250 gig lang di na mapupuno yon...

    mahirap yan...

    pambili na lang ng hard disk yung ipambabayad ko sa yo...

    here some of the advantages of using ccboot diskless software:
    lesser maintenance time
    lesser heat inside the shop generated by harddisks therefore maximizing potential of your aircon leading to lower electricity bills
    update/patch a game sa isang computer, restart or turn on other pc's at updated na rin sila - one time patching
    install a game sa isang pc, restart or turn on other pc's at installed na rin sa kanila
    lesser, minimal or no risk of pc being infected by virus, isang restart lang katapat and good as freshly formatted/installed ulit ang pc
    all pc's can virtually have upto 3tb hdd each, ilagay mo lahat ng games na gusto mo
    magluko ang pc mo due to hardware problem, palitan mo lang yung pc/hardware and you're ready to go, wala na format/install
    and lastly
    magkano ang isang 500gb? SEAGATE 500GB 7200 SATA 3,600 according to enigma
    lets try to compute
    3600 x 20 units = 72000
    1000 x 20 units = 20000
    72000 - 20000 = 50000

    natatakot na magbackdown ang server?
    yung 50k na natipid mo ibili mo ng magandang server and get yourself the best powersupply you can afford
    still paranoid of server crash? or hdd crash?
    clone your server hdd, so incase something goes wrong, palit hdd lang

    sa lahat ng nainstallan namin nationwide, wala pang nagreklamo about server crashing
    nagdagdag pa sila kasi napakadali magmaintain, update, install and patch ng games

    here's one of our clients running ccboot

    forgot to mention game menu organizer

    di na problema ang mga malilikot at makukulit na tomer na nagdedelete at nagmomodify ng icons sa desktop

  3. game launcher pics:

  4. interested po sana me. ^_^ bayad HDD.
  5. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    ^ benta mo na hard disk mo

  6. add mo ako sa sa ym

  7. pano pala to kung magkakaiba specs ng unit pwede pa rin ba to?

  8. yup
    pwede po
    just installed sa client with 8 different specs of mixed amd and intel
    but not all can boot from it
    yung iba na ayaw magboot, nilagyan nalang ng lancard na may boot on lan para gumana

  9. magkano po labor kahit yung trial lang muna subukan ko sana.?

  10. may free 5units trial po sir
    free download po sa :)

  11. pa service ko sana ung free trial, magkano po ba? i ko kc mapagana eh.

  12. ano po motherboard ng clients nyo?
    exact make/model po para macheck natin kung may pxe sya

  13. meron ako dito EMAXX, BIOSTAR at DELL mobo.

  14. malapit na po sana me sa katotohanan. ang prob ko na lang is " Not an executable image (0x2e852001)
    baka po matulungan nyo ko dito sir? den na config ko na rin po mga BIOS ng client ko detected na sya, kaso yun na lang prob ko po.

  15. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit po gamit ko. wait ko na lang po reply nyo. once na magawa ko po w/ ur help apply ko po to sa mga client ko.

  16. not an executable image?
    san po galing yan

    win7 64bit ang server or client?

    more info po :)

  17. bale sa client po lumalabas ung "Not an executable imae"
    win7 64bit po gamit ko na server.

    need ko ba gumawa ng image sa sever? at pano po ba tamang processo? kasi po yung nabasa ko for win xp eh.

  18. regular format/install on client pero set size @40gb
    after installation, install just the lan driver alone then install ccboot client
    restart then start ccboot client, input server ip, then upload image
    make sure client is detected sa ccboot server and image uploading allowed for it

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