Can I get real public ip?

Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by imrex, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Dears:
    PLDT's modem assign 192.168.1.x (Private Network IP) to LAN.
    But I want to get real public ip like,anyone can visit my web server.
    Which plan can I use?
  2. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Gawin mong bridged mode ang modem.
  3. rossh

    rossh Member

    You need to review what NAT is (Network address translation), and how its used in LAN's. What you have is OK and just needs a Port Forward in the router.

    You probably have a public IP assigned to the modem already. But home accounts are dynamic - assigned by DHCP, and will change over time or modem boot up.

    But PLDT will probably slow or limit your access if you run a server from home - that is for business accounts. Your home account is not reliable enough or well connected enough, to run a real server from.

    Bridging the modem to put the public IP into the computer is very bad practice - the internet may then look around the insides of your computer.

  4. Hi rossh、motion55:
    Thank you very much for your kindly help.

    Best Regards.

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