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Discussion in 'Internet cafe business' started by mark1987, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. sir..paano po bah matanggal ang password ng cafesuit sa boos account if nakalimotan moh..?

  2. hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

    di pwede ituro baka abusuhin ng bantay
  3. athenaxds

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    pm na lang baka may makabasa.

  4. pm din kung case nga naman makalimutan ko password ko as admin in cafesuite..tnx

  5. e2 gawin mo...
    There is no way to recover operator password.

    You'll need to remove the users.dat file in the Data folder in the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\CafeSuiteData) and reinstall the software (using the same installation directory).
    After starting CafeStation again you'll be able to log in with the default boss username and no password. Then you'll need to recreate all operators' profiles on Operators page in options.

    To prevent abuse in the registered version after replacing any database file you will first see a Security alert window where you need to confirm the change by entering your client password (received together with license key).

  6. or gamit ka ng hirens boot may feature ang hirens boot on how to recover
    lost password... wahahahaha

  7. ayun tinuro na pala, toinks

  8. kasi c warlock pakipot para naman magaling......
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    if same lang naman ng password ng admin ng client mo ang sa server timer access mo you can go to Client installation folder, hanapin mo dun yung config.inf, tapos may makikita kang password na nakahashed as SHA so i-decrypt mo na lang.

  10. pa pm saken pass guys,bago lang ako sa ganyang business,need ko ng exp :)

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