Bokalista ng 6cyclemind pwede bang makulong?

Discussion in 'Chat Lounge / Im Bored' started by zackxxx, Apr 19, 2009.

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    ano ba ginawa niya?
  3. lordmight

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    binago ata tono ng lupang hinirang sir.

    eh sir pano si Christian bautista, di niya binago tono, pero lyrics binago hehe
  4. cORnviTz

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    di mkukulong yan promiz

  5. so far, wala pa namang nakulong dahil diyan. a long long time ago, marami pa sa inyo hindi pa napanganak, a group of artists changed it. it was even on national TV. pero wala namang nangyari.
  6. stanelope

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    pano kung sintunado talaga kumanta tapos nabago ung tono ng lupang hinirang bawal din ba yun? bat sa US daming version ng sparkle bangles,
  7. AaronICK

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    According to an American survey, the two best renditions of the Star Spangled Banner was done by Marvin Gaye & Whitney Houston.

    Pakinggan niyo yung rendition ni Marvin Gaye. Ibang iba sa tunog ng traditional na Star Spangled Banner. Yet the Americans loved it!

    Bakit dito, issue yan? Pambabastos ba yung sabihing iba ang interpretation ng Lupang Hinirang? Wala namang binago sa lyrics. Wala namang mura or masamang salita na dinagdag dun. Sana po wag naman sobrang makitid ang utak ng ilan sa atin, especially yung mga nasa gobyerno.

    Nagbabago ang panahon, minsan may mga bagay na kailangan din natin ibahin ng konti para naman makasabay ito sa kung ano ang mas tatangkilikin ng tao. Hindi naman sa ine-encourage ko ito. Maganda pa rin pakinggan ang Lupang Hinirang sa tradisyunal na tono. Pero hindi dapat maging krimen kung maging iba man ang interpretasyon ng isang tao dito, just as long as yung pinaka-theme ng kanta is preserved pa rin, and that is for our nation's unity.
  8. kwiki

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    I can't stand hearing that version of lupang hinirang again. My son can sing better than that guy. Its a national event and the world is watching dapat top caliber singers ang kinuha nila or kung hindi kaya ng budget ay dapat yung maayos naman kumanta. Sadya atang binagalan ang kanta para sa exposure and worst wala sa tono. Don't get me wrong hindi ko sinasabi na kantahin sya ng classic way pero kung may babaguhin sana ay dapat yung maganda at magugustuhan ng karamihan. Dapat bago nya ginawa yung interpretation nya ay pinarinig nya muna sa iba kung ok ba or hindi. just my centavo
  9. Unwired

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    Where is the video?

    Kung di kaya kantahin wag na lg, kasi binababoy ang pina ka essence ng song. National Anthem nga eh...

    What happend to Christian Bautista was talagang kinabahan lg..
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  11. Unwired

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    OMG...bakit siya ang kumanta? naubusan na ba ang pinas ng mga singer? di naman singer yan eh...tae!!

    PS...I can't watch!!!!

  12. zackxxx

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    kasi kasama yung tanduay dun kaya siya napili. buti yung iba nakasaya pa o barong

    What’s the proper way to sing the national anthem? 
    By Eliza Victoria
    First Posted 19:08:00 10/06/2007
    Filed Under: history, Music, Pacquiao
    MANILA, Philippines -- Soon after Manny Pacquiao demolished Mexican legend Erik Morales in three rounds in their November 2006 fight in Las Vegas, councilors of Davao City raised a howl over Sarah Geronimo’s rendition of the National Anthem just before the fight began.
    Councilor Nilo Abellera said Geronimo’s slow, “kundiman-like” interpretation was a bastardization of the national song. He filed a resolution reminding the people of Davao how the anthem should be sung.
    What is the proper way of singing the anthem?
    According to Ambeth Ocampo, chair of the National Historical Institute (NHI), guidelines on how the anthem should be sung are enshrined in the law.
    Section 37 of Republic Act No. 8491 (An Act Prescribing the Code of the National Flag, Anthem, Motto, Coat of Arms, and other Heraldic Items and Devices of the Philippines) -- passed in 1998, the year of the Philippine centennia -- says the “rendition of the National Anthem, whether played or sung, shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe.”
    Felipe is the Cavite composer that President Emilio Aguinaldo commissioned on June 5, 1898 to prepare a composition which would be played during Independence ceremonies.
    Originally titled Marcha Filipina Magdalo, the composition was adopted as the official march of the Philippines.
    The anthem remained without words until August 1899, when a young poet-soldier named Jose Palma wrote the poem, Filipinas, which became the anthem’s lyrics.
    Ocampo said that the anthem, when played, “must carry a brisk martial tone and tempo.”
    Teodoro Atienza, heraldry section head of the NHI’s Research, Publications and Heraldry Division, said that when sung “at the proper pace,” the national anthem should last from only “53 seconds to less than a minute.”
    But national anthem boo-boos still abound.
    Aside from Geronimo, singers Lani Misalucha, who sang in the first Pacquiao-Morales bout on March 19, 2005, and Bituin Escalante (July 2, 2006, Pacquiao vs. Larios at the Araneta Coliseum), also took vocal liberties in their renditions of the National Anthem.
    Jennifer Bautista, who sang in the Pacquiao-Morales rematch on Jan. 21, 2006, went off-key on the song’s last word.
    At the Sept. 16, 2007 match between reigning world bantamweight champion Gerry Peñalosa and North American Boxing Federation bantamweight champion Bernabe Concepcion in Alabang, Christian Bautista delivered an abbreviated version of the song when he missed the lines, "Buhay ay langit sa piling mo / Aming ligaya na ’pag may mang-aapi. [In thine embrace ‘tis rapture to lie/But it is glory ever, when thou art wronged]"
    Bautista apologized for the “memory lapse.”
    Pacquiao has chosen Kyla to sing the national anthem in his Oct. 6 rematch with Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Atienza said the Institute had spoken to the GMA network to remind Kyla about the proper way of singing the national song.
    Singers who do not follow the rules can be fined P50,000 or be imprisoned for a year, or both, he said.
    "But our lawyer says we can,t go after the singers because they sing abroad," Atienza said. "Of course, that doesn't mean they should forget their obligation to their country and their people."
    ano sa tingin niyo?

  13. actuallynarinig ko din yan and im upset bakit ganon ang tono nya dapat ang pagkanta ng lupang hinirang e yung pa march hindi ano man..kakainis talaga

  14. Di sya makukulong dyan. Hindi naman nya binago yung tono ng kanta eh.. Ganun lang talaga boses nya.
  15. Warlock1981

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    Yung beat lang ng pagkanta ang binago.

    Dapat pa march yung beat sa pagkanta....

    When I was in elementary and high school, during flag ceremony may times din na hindi masunod ang beat ng pagkanta lalo na kung nagka palya sa sound system, kasi may tape na ginagamit to sing the song
  16. cliff101

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    Actually when I was watching him singing it was really ok its not a big deal for me.
  17. cORnviTz

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    acapella kc dapat sinabayan talga ng tugtog para di nya nakalimutan ung tono^_^
  18. speedshred26

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    Ney is a good singer and to those who says that he can't sing well you better think thrice or a hundred times.. It just happened that he was selected to perform the song coz everybody knows he's got the talent.. :)
  19. josekym

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    IMO, in a country where songs like "Nagmahal Ng Bakla", "Sinabmarine" and the like are pretty much accepted as "normal" songs on the airwaves, does this mean that that same freedom of expression does not apply to a rendition of the National Anthem?

    So how does the same RA 8491 apply to using the Flag as "...a drapery, festoon, tablecloth;" or " wear the flag in whole or in part as a costume or uniform" when we regularly see people doing otherwise in competitions and other events?
  20. tanga_ako

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    I agree sa comment ni sir Unwired, un lang masasabi ko. With the damit, sick! Well sino bang mampapatatas ay I mean mambabatas nagpatupad nyan sir?

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