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    BayanTel Wireless Landline Service now available

    BayanTel recently began offering its wireless landline service in two key cities covered by its pilot program.

    The service, available now in the cities of Marikina and Manila, will also cover Tacloban, General Santos, and Davao by May.
    Called “SPAN”, the new service aims to deliver “the key benefits of landline and wireless services in a single package.”

    SPAN users can make unlimited landline calls from within and outside their house. In fact, the service will be available within the community where the user lives.

    The SPAN phone is as big as a regular mobile phone. It also has the intelligence of the standard mobile phone such as phone directory, caller ID, stopwatch, timer, call logs, and others. The service also allows text messaging. You can send a text to any SPAN users, as well as existing users of other mobile services.

    Available at the same rate as landline services, SPAN is unmatched as far as value is concerned. To get SPAN service, subscribers only have to pay P2,200 for the activation fee and a monthly recurring rate of P749 VAT inclusive. Handset is for free provided the customer sign-up for a term of one year.

    “BayanTel decided to use this technology to expand its landline service based on user preference of ease of use and mobility. The same technology is already ready for 3G with just a simple card upgrade in the network. With the upgrade, BayanTel can easily and conveniently offer mobile broadband data services within the coverage area,” said Tunde Fafunwa, Chief Executive Consultant of Bayantel.

    BayanTel intends to expand the coverage of SPAN in the whole of Metro Manila and the key cities nationwide.
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    meron na pala Bayantel-W pang tapat sa PLDT-W :twisted: . heheh
  3. duhwho

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    wireless landline pa lang po.. pero papunta na rin sila sa broadband wireless..

    wireless landline parang ordinary phone pero wireless hindi wired...

  4. genexide

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    prang cellphone na pambahay
  5. duhwho

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    sort of... hehehe pero ang calls hindi per minute...

    i think they will integrate this to 3G for 3G wireless Broadband

    buti pa mga marikina hehehehe

  6. slync

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    Ewan ko lang kung magiging okay ang wireless landline. :?: Dati natry namin ang wireless ng pldt hay naku.... sa bawat daan ng sasakyan lalo na ng mga trucks nawawala signal, napuputol pag may kausap ka :roll: tapos pag brownout walang silbi ang phone kasi battery powered yan kaya pinatanggal namin at pinalit ng regular wired landline.
  7. genexide

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    a few more years, gaganda din yan
  8. slync

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    Matagal na kami nagtry nung wireless ng pldt, mga late 1990s.

  9. jantizon

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    This service is like Digitel's MANGO and Broadband Philippines but I'm not sure if this one is using CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Technology and/or CDMA2000 (a version of 3G for CDMA) which is normally at 1900 frequency band.

    with MANGO and Broadband Philippines, you can bring your phone with you and make phone calls virtually anywhere (whenever there's a signal).

    MANGO has a limited coverage area as of now, you will only make a successful phone call within the 5km radius range from their BASE STATION in LIBIS. According to some news and speculations, Digitel may use their SUN CELLULAR cellsites (which uses GSM Technology) to deploy MANGO once it has 75% coverage area of the country. For P647, you can make unlimited landline calls which starts with 02, meaning within Metro Manila only. Plus with services on a Pay-per-use basis such as Internet at 150kbps, and SMS texting for only P0.80. MANGO may also re-program your CDMA phone for only P200.

    I dont have any news about Broadband Phils. kc wala nman ako nabasa about them. BUT I read some posts in some forums that, even if you have FULL BARS on your NETWORK INDICATOR, you'll still have a hard time dialling and unlimited calls applies only when you call PLDT users.
  10. duhwho

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    yup same sila nang offer nung Broadband Philippines and Digitel's Mango, i think CDMA2000 kasi sabi konting upgrade lang for 3G na...

    i forgot the websites of broadbandphiliipines regarding dun sa kanilang wireless phone.. hindi yung kanilang main websites.. try ko hanapin uli... at least we could have an idea hehehe

  11. bridge

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    so CDMA2000 ang technology used by bayantel SPAN?

    the unit looks like nokia 3310.
  12. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    I dont know for sure pero upgradedable daw for 3G

  13. stupid talaga ako..una kong naicip e kung ano ung ring tone? hahaha andami na sumusulpot na kaartehan ah..may problem bang ma aaddress yang pag wireless ng landline?tingin ko wala kung meron man cguro katamaran ka OAhan lng..sayang pera itulong nlng yan sa mahihirap heheeh...ewan ba gnto reaction ko pacnxa na kau..
  14. duhwho

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    na shattered na kaya bone mo? hehehehehehe

    dahil sa bagayo.. ahihihihi kidding :)

  15. 1893 posts huwawww duhwho haligi ng dpat admin kana eh

    ikaw ba talga yang nasa pic?wafu ah..tanong ko lng ha anong iniicp mo sa kuha mo na yan?
  16. duhwho

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    hoi ako yan noh!


    anong inicip?

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  18. Para ka nang naka-cellphone..kung within the coverage area ka na?
  19. j4l4ni

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    wala ba yan sa marawi? hehehe
  20. satcho

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    ang wafu ni duhwho..puede pa picture kasama ka... :D

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