BayanTel rebate is a FRAUD!!!

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  1. For all those who doesn't know, if you have a problem that lasted more than 24hours you'll get a REBATE for your next bill in BAYANTEL. For DSL related, the rebate is P500 a day. For VoiceLine problem, P100 a day.

    Here's my story on the rebate:

    Last Feb 1 or so, I reported to bayantel my rpoblem of slow connection(384kbps naging 99kbps and below).
    Well the problem went on for days without solution until I called again. It's about 2 or 3 days from when I first reported. I was surprised they told me that the "ticket" was closed the day after I first called.

    Before I go ballistics they offered to make another report "ticket". Days went on no calls or repairman came. I called and was told the ticket was closed the day after I called AGAIN. Ok that time they told me I'll AUTOMATICALY get rebates for my next bill and I was so pissed that time.

    Now, March 13, I got the bills with no REBATES. I called 4121212 and told me to call 4112000. I called and I was told that there were no Rebates because the problem didn't last 24hours. "The tickets were closed before 24 hours because we were called and confirmed that it's fixed" that's what they said. I mean WTF!? We didn't get any calls from them and they give me this crap!?..... Anyway I'm pissed, slammed the phone and post here.

    If there's a bayantel employee here and want to check if it's real, the operator I talked to just now was "Bell"(not sure of spelling)
    And my account number is: 319246142
    Go listen to my recorded phone calls.
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    I got a friend of mine who got a rebate because of line problems that had been solved over 24 hours from the time it was reported. He only paid PhP200 from his next billing statement.

  3. Good for him. Anyway IMO they're closing "Tickets" before 24hours automaticaly to prevent having to pay rebates. It seems they're losing profit so they switched to this tactic.

    Either way I'm still pissed.
  4. dyoddyowel

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    go to business office and explain your situation...

  5. dec 11. 4:10pm i'd call them for dsl non service and no dial tone
    dec 12 4:00 pm i'd call them again because no technicians arrived.
    dec 13 techincians arrived and fix the internet and the dial tone. so there is 36 hours before the technicians arrived right?
    i should be given a rebate.
    i try to get a rebate and given report no 1019521.
    not approved because apparently the technicians have talk to me at 12:20 noon dec 12.
    off course i'm so pissed because they're giving false report. no technician arrived on dec 12

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