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Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by dslmaster, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. dslmaster

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    Speed/Bandwidth test of your internet connection to a Bayantel DSL Network

    To get the accurate result from thjis speed meter, please refrain from doing any other internet activity while doing the test.

    Internet Explorer: you must hold down CTRL + REFRESH
    Firefox: you must hold down SHIFT + REFRESH

    Are you Fast enough ? :)

  2. Is this accurate? I get erratic results.

  3. The only thing you will know after this SpeedTest is how long it will take to transfer a 0.5 MBit-HTML-File from Bayantel's server to your computer. This is not a SpeedTest, this is a joke, but a bad one.

    In other words, you will know the connection-speed from your computer to the Bayantel-Local-Area-Network and not to the Internet.


  4. bridge

    bridge Member

    actually it is still a speedtest ( a basic speed test) from your DSL line (your pc) to your DSL provider (Bayantel)

    that will show you if the advertised speed which the dsl provider told
    you really what it is.

    liek for example:
    my 512kbps right now shows 445.45 kbps
    so im quite happy with it. :)

    if the speedtest from the local providers bandwidth meter
    shows very slooow, then dont expect to have higher speeds
    or downloads from the internet.

    local providers speed meters are your first line of testing,


  5. sorry bridge, but i think, we are talkting about two different things. the speed from here to bayantel is ok. the problem is the speed from bayantel to the internet. i can download what ever i like from anywhere in the world, my downloadrate is not more then 24 kB/sec. that means, i have only 'SkyDSL 192' and not 'SkyDsl 896'.

  6. Lia


    sa test...334Kbps download at 405Kbps pretty satisfied! for 899 a month! :)
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    still in SOD

  8. Lia


    ^^ well thats cool! :)
  9. hotbreed

    hotbreed Member

    my speed test tonight....
  10. phi7588

    phi7588 Member

    haha nag contol N klng nian eh tpos gnun na lumabas hehe
    bt skin mas mabilis?hehehehe
  11. hotbreed

    hotbreed Member

    LOL puno ang shop ko nang nag speed test ako. i was surprised yun ang lumabas; client side pala tong speed test ng bayantel ... naka cache pala :lol:

    hmm, ma testing nga ang ctrl+N mo... hehehe
  12. phi7588

    phi7588 Member

    wow mas mabilis hahaahahaha
    pnu kaya kng ganyan nga ang speed mo?1gb less than a minute?hehe
  13. hotbreed

    hotbreed Member

    sad to say, sa ctrl + N/new window lang bumibilis ang bandwidth ko ngayon. pumapalya ang equipment ng bayantel dsl dito sa amin kaya sa halip na 1024kbps, di nga kami maka 300kbps :sad:

  14. [​IMG]

    this is my speed test.

    my internet is MyDestiny Cable Internet.

  15. sino pwede makausap on applying bayantel dsl? need it ASAP.. thanks
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    pm mo si leila
  17. quatro27

    quatro27 Member

    ano bayan 2006 pa yan siyempre mabilis pa yan dati pa ngayon bulok
  18. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    huh?di ko gets.....
  19. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    ngek... hehehe...

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