BayanTel DSL Service Self-Help Guide

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    BayanTel DSL Service Self-Help Guide

    Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a technology that puts high speed digital data on standard two-conductor voice-grade telephone wiring. It is often added to an existing telephone line. When properly installed, the DSL service and phone can be used simultaneously without interference. When improperly installed, telephones and other equipment connected to the
    telephone line can cause problems with the DSL service. This application note describes why this happens, and how to fix the problem.

    Why Telephone Equipment Interferes
    The DSL signal can be "superimposed" on an existing phone line because the frequencies
    DSL uses are far above the frequencies used in voice conversations. Telephones won't
    even reproduce these frequencies. So the DSL signal doesn't interfere with's
    the other way around. The problem is that the circuitry inside virtually any device that
    connects to the phone line isn't designed with DSL frequencies in mind. DSL wasn't even
    around when most of these products were designed! If you think about it, the telephone
    handset is always "listening" to the phone line... After all, it needs to know when to ring,
    right? The answering machine needs to know when to pick up, and even your alarm
    system may have the capability to receive incoming calls (to arm the alarm remotely,
    check on status, etc.) Even if these features aren't enabled, the circuitry is still connected
    to the phone line.

    This circuitry often "shorts out" the DSL signal---keeping you from getting a reliable DSL
    connection. Even if it doesn't, we’ll guarantee it will as soon as you pick up a phone!
    So something must be done to keep the telephone equipment from interfering with the
    DSL signal.

    How to Properly Install DSL Service
    There are two ways to keep your telephone equipment from interfering with your DSL
    signal: The easiest method is to put something between each piece of telephone handset
    and the line to keep the equipment from interfering. The preferred method is to split the
    outside phone line, as it enters the house, into a DSL line and a voice line, and run
    separate wires to each.

    A Proper DSL Installation
    Simple, an actual human being would come to your house or office to perform the
    installation. The process is easy to describe. But, depending on the layout of your house
    or office, where the phone line came in, and where you wanted the DSL jack, the actual
    installation could be quite difficult. In essence, here's what the installer would do:
    He would start at the "demarc box" (a little box where the phone line comes into the
    house). He added a little box (alternatively called a splitter, filter, low-pass filter) to the wall
    next to the demarc box. In the demarc box, he disconnected all wires that went to the
    phones inside the house and moved them over to the new little box. Then he ran a jumper
    from the demarc box to the filter.

    He would then run a wire from the filter, around and through the house or office, to
    wherever your computer was located.

    He would put a jack on the wall there, mark it "DSL", plug the DSL modem into it, connect
    it to your computer, and even configure your operating system with the proper addresses
    and options and such to get your connection up and make sure it was working.
    A proper installation involves actually "intercepting" the outside phone line before it
    enters the house, splitting it into a DSL side and a voice side, connecting the voice side to
    the inside phones, and then connecting the DSL side directly to one and only one device:
    the DSL modem.

    And voila, you have DSL

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why don’t I get the speed that I availed or get intermittent connection?
    Slow speed may be caused by many factors such as forms of technical interference (nose,
    electrical shorts, and software problems), congested websites, PC/modem related, virus,
    uploaded programs which run automatically, and more.

    Verify your DSL connection speed through the speed utility.
    All Internet activities should be halted except the checking.
    Go to

    To verify your DSL connection speed,
    stop all Internet activities and go to

    If you have intermittent connection,
    stop all Internet activities and try to ping your gateway address.
    Monitor at least 5 minutes.

    If you receive request time-out frequently then proceed with the initial troubleshooting.

    See the steps for initial troubleshooting

    2. How do I check my connection speed?

    Verify your connection speed thru Bayantel web speed utility at

    3. Why do I have to reset my DSL modem frequently?

    One reason why you have to reset your modem frequently is that it could be overheating.
    This causes unstable connection. As an interim action, turn off your modem and let it cool
    for a little while.

    Turn it on again and your connection will surely rise to certain amount of speed.
    Likewise, to correct this problem, keep your modem in a cool place or maybe, put a fan
    beside it. This approach is usually done to computers as they both contain integrated
    circuits that easily heat up.

    4. My server has a connection but my substations do not.

    Bayantel DSL support is only limited to a single PC connection or stand alone connection.
    If other workstations in you local area connection do not have Internet connection, please
    consult your personal technicians.

    5. I have no DSL connection and I am using a router.

    Bayantel DSL Technical Support does not support routers. If your DSL connection is not
    working and you have a router connected to it, you must disconnect the router from the
    DSL modem and connect a computer to the DSL modem then proceed with initial

    6. I have no connection.

    You may follow the steps for initial trouble shooting.

    7. I have done the initial troubleshooting still I cannot access the Internet.

    Call Bayantel Help Desk Hotline to verify possible network related problem.

    8. Why can’t I receive my emails?

    Verify the configurations of your incoming and outgoing mail server on your favorite email
    program by using the following.

    SMTP server (outgoing mail server): mail
    POP3 server (incoming mail server): depends on your email domain

    If the email program is configured properly, try creating an email account on your other email program to verify if the problem exists on your favorite email program. And if on the other email program, you still cannot receive/download, call Bayantel helpdesk hotline to verify if there is any server problem.

    Note: This guide is taken from Bayantel. Some were editted/added by dslmaster for clarity.
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    Most DSL problems can be solved by following these steps.
    1. Turn off the DSL modem. If you have a router connected to the DSL modem turn it off as well.
    2. Turn off your computer.
    3. If you're using Windows, click on Start then choose Shut Down or Turn Off. Another
    window will open on the screen. If you're using Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, or XP
    Professional, choose Shut Down from the menu and click OK. If you're using Windows
    XP Home, click on Turn Off.

    • If you're using a Macintosh with System 7.0 to Mac OS 9.2.2, click on any blank
    space on the Desktop (where you background image is) and then click the Special
    menu and choose Shut Down. If you are prompted to confirm, click Shut Down or OK.

    • If you are using Mac OS X (any version), click on the Apple menu at the top left of
    your screen and choose Shut Down... Click the Shut Down button on the window
    that appears.

    4. Wait at least 20 seconds.
    5. Turn on the DSL modem.
    6. Wait AT LEAST 60 seconds.
    7. Make sure that the DSL light is NOT blinking for at least 30 seconds before proceeding to the next step.
    If the DSL light never stops blinking, you will not be able to connect to the Internet
    and will need to call the Help Desk Hotline. call the Help Desk
    8. If you have a router connected to the DSL modem, turn it on and wait at least 30
    seconds for the router to configure by itself.
    9. Turn on your computer and try to access a web page using your favorite web browser
    (such as Internet Explorer).

    * NOTE: BAYANTEL and the Help Desk DO NOT support routers. If your DSL connection
    is not working and you have a router connected to it, you MUST disconnect the router
    from the DSL modem and connect a computer to the DSL modem before calling the Help
    Desk for technical support.

    1. BAYANTEL and the Help Desk DO NOT support routers. If your DSL connection is not
    working and you have a router connected to it, you MUST disconnect the router from the
    DSL modem and connect a computer to the DSL modem.
    2. Quit all Internet activity (eg: downloads, emails, chat).
    3. You must connect a single computer only then check your speed in

    • If you want to re-test it, you must hold down Ctrl (in IE) or shift (in Netscape) when
    4. If still not happy, there’s another test to try. Please stop any Internet activity first.
    • Again, go to
    • Press SHIFT in the keyboard.
    • Press REFRESH in the screen (repeat this procedure twice).
    • Take note of the speed you got.
    • Ping IP address
    5. If not satisfied with your speed, please call Bayantel Help Desk.

    1. Do not RESET the CPE.
    2. BAYANTEL and the Help Desk DO NOT support routers. If your DSL connection is not
    working and you have a router connected to it, you MUST disconnect the router from the
    DSL modem and connect a computer to the DSL modem.
    3. Again, go to
    • Press SHIFT in the keyboard.
    • Press REFRESH in the screen (repeat this procedure twice).
    • Get the speed you got. The result should be the near the package you have availed
    (e.g. Sky DSL 256 package approximately 200)
    • Ping IP address
    4. Monitor if there’s any request timed out (RTO).
    5. If there is RTO, please call Bayantel Help Desk.

    1. Check the status of the DSL light if blinking or steady. Do not RESET the CPE.
    2. BAYANTEL and the Help Desk DO NOT support routers. If your DSL connection is not working and you have a router connected to it, you MUST disconnect the router from the DSL modem and connect a computer to the DSL modem.
    3. Check your configurations.
    4. Ping IP address
    5. Monitor if there’s any request timed out (RTO). If there is, use another PC and redo
    steps 3 and 4.
    6. If there is no improvement, please call Bayantel Help Desk.

    Troubleshooting Your ZYXEL/AZTECH Modem

    1. For Zyxel/Aztech modems:
    • Double check if the modem (CPE) is connected to the power source.
    • If DSL LED is lit, this means the modem (CPE) is synchronized with BayanTel’s backend network.
    • If not, reset the unit and check the connection at the back.
    • Check if the connection of the filter is present.
    • If LED is still not lit, kindly contact Help Desk.

    2. The USB or ETHERNET LED must be lit – which means that CPE is synchronized with the LAN card of USB port of your computer.
    • If not lit kindly check connection to your LAN card or your USB port.
    • Try to reboot your PC as well as the CPE.
    • If all fails, kindly call Bayantel Help Desk.

    3. If DSL, USB or ETHER LED are lit, try to ping IP address
    4. If all fails, kindly call Bayantel Help Desk.
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    Bayantel Help Desk Hotlines

    Metro Manila
    Residential: 449-3293 or 449-3118
    Business: 411-2000/01

    BayanTel Franchise Areas: 1-800-52375 * TOLL FREE
    BayanTel Non-Franchise Areas: 1-800-18887594 * TOLL FREE
    Laguna (49) 545 -5520
    Batangas (02) 449–2719
    Pampanga (45) 963–4124
    Olongapo (45) 963–4124
    Baguio (74) 442-7300
    Cabanatuan (02) 449-4428
    Legaspi (52) 480-9999
    Naga (54) 472-9999
    Tacloban (53) 321-2984
    Cebu (32) 254-3633 loc. 3648
    Iloilo (33) 336-9405 loc. 304 or 102
    Bacolod (34) 4331404
    Davao (82) 301-2121
    General Santos (83) 301-2121
    Butuan (85) 341-8772
    Bayugan Agusan del Sur (85)343-6000
    San Francisco, Agusan del Sur (85) 343-8000, (85) 343-9555
    Cagayan de Oro (88) 857 -8123, (8822) 72-97-48

  4. do you have any branch sa Kalinga province??

    please let me know ASAP.
    Do you have any branch in Kalinga Province?? Thanks, I want to know plz.

  5. is it true when playing Online Games published by PLDT partners like level-up-games, netgames, e-games and so on and youre ISP is BayanTel you get latency issues like delayed actions of characters on any online games host by PLDT?

  6. Question:
    1) ano ang irerecommend nyo na DSL router
    2) pwede bang magsetup ng wifi kung linux fedora ang OS na gamit
  7. Symantec

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    Dlink Dl-704P. Try mo...

  8. OK, pero pwd ko ba setup wifi with fedora core OS?
  9. Symantec

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    lets ask Raldz...
  10. nietzsche88

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    yup pwede. just google for Ndiswrapper, you'll find a way how to make your card work in lInux. and maybe you can provide specs for your wifi setup? the devices and your laptop(?) especially if you know what wifi card 9manufacturer/model) you have? sir raldz might help you with it.. gud luck..hehe

  11. Salamat po sa advice! actually desktop yung pagkakabitan ko, USB wifi adapter ang plano ikabit...Salamat ulit!

  12. Inquiry: public ip po ba ang Bayantel DSL sa residential package? may access po ba ako sa dsl modem?

    I've been inquiry about this with Bayantel Technical Suport but they don't seem to be technical enough to answer my questions that's why I decided to join this forum...

    I'm a SamrtBro subscriber and I can join Warcraft3 battlenet games without any problems except that I can't HOST games. This is because SmartBro (meridian Telekoms) is broadcasting a private IP (controlled by centralized router somewhere in the area) walang access sa CPE (modem) kaya di ako makapag PORT Forwarding.

    Resolve ba problema ko pag lumipat ako sa Bayantel DSL. Warcraft3 game hosting lang po ang gusto ko. Pls help. Thanks in advance.
  13. duhwho

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    problema sa bayantel residential.. its dynamic... it changes often, everytime you login

  14. im using bayantel dsl for my 7 pc's..pero prang inde kme satisfied..

  15. aKO nGa 4 pc's ang hina pRin 1024kpbs lagi p npputol swa n ko mkiusap s bayantel...di nman nila naaauz

  16. paki explain nga to? sabi ng tech ng bayantel normal daw to.
    normal ba yan!?


    put***na sa dialup connection inde nagkakaganyan kayo bayantel dsl ganyann!? ano yan joke?
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    hehe di ka nag iisa dude... tried pinging that ip and our results are almost the same... i'm just waiting for Globe wired here in our area... and definitely lipat nako...

    check mo rin upload speed mo dude kahit sa sakin kasi 20kbps max hehe

  18. pede po bang mag avail ng bayandsl pag taga pasig?
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    Welcome to the Forums dude! Click Here

  20. Yes. I'm playing Lineage2 (hosted by PLDT) and its very very laggy during the day. sometimes the lag goes for as long as 2 minutes and by that time, my char is already dead. >.<

    the only time that there's minimal to no lag is from 10pm - 10am. :roll:

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