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Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by mcflurry, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. anyone interested to know the modem settings for
    bayantel ?

    a friend of mine have bayantel dsl and we reset the password and
    play with its settings. guess what!?

    we were able to connect to dsl successfuly!!!

    the advantage?
    well... we have the password for the modem which
    we can enable or disable the routing functions and
    dhcp and dmz, etc....

    bayantel wont provide you the password for your modem :(
    unlike pldt.

    if theres much interest in this, i might be able to provide the correct
    settings :)
  2. bridge

    bridge Member

    uy!!! this is what im looking for!
    please tell us what are the settings please!!!!

  3. Hi! how can we get it?? Can you please share how? Thanks!

  4. I'm relly intrested in this! how can we know? can u plz tell us!!!

    Thanks!!! :oops:

  5. pls. help me to configure my bayantel dsl modem


    can anyone help me to configure my bayantel modem without using an externel router... as i found out that somebody already successfully configure using a password like pldt configuration... pls. reply as soon as possible... thanks

  6. heres the usename and password for bayantel aztech 305eu modem

    username: admin
    password: epicrouter

  7. it doesn't work. i have ADSL Ethernet - USB. can you pls help me???

  8. hmm maybe it only works for some modems.

    i will try to ask for the settings itself so that you can reset your modem.
    and ill ask dslmaster to upload it here.

  9. i have it na (for Aztec DSL Modem)!

    type in web address bar:

    then user name is: admin
    password: (no password-leave this blank)


    pero di ako marunong mag-configure. i suggest that only experienced users should access this. :mrgreen:

  10. ^_^

    since i believe that All DSL modem's here
    are Imported from Other Countries..
    go to this Site
    and look for ur moded/router =]
    hope it helps.. ^_^


  11. kelangan bang naka dhcp ka or static ip address ng para ma access ito???

  12. kelangan nga naka static ip address ka sa pc ( para ma access ito. napagana ko na yung router functionality kaso yung modem part, ayaw. yung dns ayaw gumana.

    yung dhcp server gumana na kaso yung internet, talagang ayaw.

    i will keep you posted regarding this

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