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Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by bridge, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. bridge

    bridge Member

    Im not sure if you observed this,
    bayantel dns server has been having problems several days na.

    their dns server

    every now and then, you need to refresh your browser.
    some sites like google, yahoo, etc...

    after several days of wondering why this happens,
    its time to investigate.

    problem example:
    you need to read your yahoo mail,
    you login to

    your browser will error:

    Server not found
    Firefox can't find the server at

    so i ping the website
    ping = OK SYA

    But when i
    ping = NOT FOUND

    so i tried changing the default dns
    from to alternative bayantel dns

    Everything works great!

    so in short, the problem lies with the bayantel main dns

    better yet if your router supports several dns servers

    try using the ff dns servers

    Alternative Bayantel DNS Server:

    Public DNS server: (any isp can use this public dns server)

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Baka pwede nman ituro step-by-step kung anong gagawin,hindi kasi tayo
    pare-pareho ng skills pagdating diyan...THANKS!

  3. Thanks! This totally solves my surfing problems.

  4. im using skydsl's proxy server para maayos itong problem na ito and so far okay naman.
  5. lakay77

    lakay77 Member

    kasi po yung iba dito eh elementary lang ang natapos hindi computer eng hehehehehe.peace
  6. czarine

    czarine Member

    punta kayo sa properties ng dsl connection nyo, then go to networking.. then properties.. click use the following dns server adresses.. then just type it.. then ok.. tapos ok ulit..
  7. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    yung mga PPPoE auto na nagiging 210.xx.xx ang DNS no need to set the DNS

  8. I also experience your problem with other websites including Yahoo last night...subukan ko itong mga DNS mamaya, kong effective ba ito?

  9. paano kong static IP, hindi ba applicable ang 210.xx.xx?...
    anong DNS na applicable sa static IP?

  10. Napansin ko nga bumabagal. Kapag nagtanong tayo sa tech support alang alam. Buti nlng maraming matulungin dito
  11. warhammer_mj

    warhammer_mj Member

    Hey guys if you want redundant and reliable dns servers, try and marami pa silang features. Their free DNS servers are and ;D
  12. jofer

    jofer Member

    mamayang 1am - 6am wala daw intrnet connection sa bayantel...

    the same probz po ang naeexperience ko dito sa tacloban....

    anu ba ang probz sa bayantel....??
  13. bridge

    bridge Member

    Step by step tutorial:

    goto control panel
    click network connection
    right click Local Area Connection, then Properties
    under General Tab, select TCP/IP , then properties
    then under the General Tab, change the preferred DNS to the one mentioned in my first post
  14. nos-chalk

    nos-chalk Member

    may alam pa kayo ng iba pang free dns?

    msyado kasing secure ung open dns kaya d ako maka-access sa ibang sites.
  15. vm_yap

    vm_yap Member

    hmm sa ibang forum baliktad heheh...
  16. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    i have yet to encounter a site i can't open using opendns... maybe i wasn't browsing enough, hehehe...

    anong site yun? try ko kung ma-access ko...

  17. This was great with my former modem (ZTE ZXDSL 831), but they changed it just today to a Bayantel ADSL2/2+ MODEM DBIO2, which is "utilizing" their own DNS's. In other words, using Bayantel's own DNS's with this modem is better, than using OpenDNS. :evil:
  18. warhammer_mj

    warhammer_mj Member

    Try the DNS servers which is maintained by ICANN by i believe and
  19. warhammer_mj

    warhammer_mj Member

    oops ay pagmamay-ari na pala ng Verizon
  20. warhammer_mj

    warhammer_mj Member

    or try the good ole Public DNS server

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