BayanDsl Scam

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by luisivich, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. "upgrade to a higher speed with the same monthly fee. pay only the installation fee + 1 month advance fee"

    naghihirap na ba bayantel. dati autoupgrade sila a. sumasabay lng sila sa mga speed ng competition nila. believe me even if you dont upgrade they'll still upgrade it kasi mapapagiwanan sila ng competition. yung 1.5 mbps ko autoupdated sa 2 mbps nung nagupdate yung pldt. yung dhcp to pppoe libre lng dati yun ah. this is a money making scheme. kailangan talaga nila madalian pera. so yung nascam nila ay yung 1 month advance fee saka installation fee.

    yung mga di naupgrade. papayag ba ang bayan dsl na you remain at 1.5 mbps for 1500 pesos if pldt has upgraded to 3 mbps for 1500 pesos. believe me they'll try to match pldt.

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