BayanDSL new plan 3Mbps with 15GB Data Limit

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by duhwho, May 15, 2011.

  1. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ok guys

    I called up BayanDSL DSL support and got confirm.

    New BayanDSL Plan is 899 with 15GB limit for 3Mbps speed.

    Once you go over the limit you will be redirected to a portal to TOP UP if you want to still continue to use it. That is 75 pesos per 1GB .. on top of your bill. Else wait for the next billing cycle cut off.

    Further, from PPPoE this will be change to Dynamic IP configuration. Gush I forgot if the IP here is routable public IP or non-routable private IP.. grrr... hehehehe well others can confirm what will be the IP addressing on this type of connectivity.

    And they said they will provide a new modem and under new contract...:(

    well need to double confirm this one...

    Anyone on this plan now? care to share your experience? :p:D

  2. Meeeoooowwww!!!

    Para di masabi ng mga macho boys na puro fish bones lang ang laman ng utak ko dahil ako ay isang sosyalerang pusa...

    Eto lang naman ang mga naamoy ko na I think some will be interested.... Meeeeeoooowwww!!!!

    1) True. Me 3 mbps service na si Bayan at 75 Php per 1Gb, you can top up up to a max of 15x in a month. Topping up is either via sa website ng bayan or simply calling tech support. True DHCP din ang gagamitin dito. I am not on the plan yet pero say ng mga friendsters ko, mabilis nga naman pero for the casual internet user lang ito... Hindi pwede sa mga pusang adik adik sa internet like MEeeee-oooowwwww!!!!!

    2) True-lily water lily, Mother Lily (o mga boys na kulang ang pagka macho... REACT na DALLLLLIIIII!!!!). Me BAGONG MODEMS si Bayan. These are WiFi enabled modems that will go not only with the new 3mbps plan pero with the old ones na din. True lily, ang bagong modems nila ay modem/router in one na. For the 3mbps service, DHCP enabled na ang mga modems na ito. For the existing subscribers, just pay the P199 one time fee (chargeable to your bill) to avail of the new modems. B/G/N capables ang WiFi ng mga bagong modems na ito. Huawei at ZTE ang mga modems na ito. Cute yung Huawei... Sorry boys... Meron na ako nun. Meeeeeoooowwww!!!!

    Kung me existing router na si customer a DHCP enabled modem will be provided, aka yung naka bridge na version.

    3) Bayan will migrate from PPPoE to DHCP. For now, ang mga bagong install lang muna ang DHCP. Existing subscribers will get notified as to when their connections will be migrated to the DHCP platform, which is within the year.

    Kung me problema kayo sa mga connection nyo, do as what I do... I go directly to the concerned people, and get my message across properly and appropriately. Meeeeoooowwww!!!!

    Hindi lang ako pusa. Pusa ako pero matalas ang pang amoy ko... Meeeeooowww!!!

    Dumaan lang to share what I smelled bago ko lisanin ang bahay ko for a week.... Meeeeoooowwww!!!!

  3. m9soymax

    m9soymax Member

    aba alam na alam ng pusang to hehehhehehehe, pero may problems akong foreseen dyan cgurado mabilis yan pag umaga pero pag hapon hanggang gabi cgurado bagsak yang speed mo
  4. m9soymax

    m9soymax Member

    parang may katulad sa yo sa bayantel forums, katulad ng ugali mo
  5. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    i appreciate your posting pero sana naman Abishai maintain decency.. in short just post what you know.. and don't post any comment about others.. specially sinabi mo na ayaw mo sa mga TALAKITOK yet.. meow ka ng meow.. hindi ba talakitok ka rin nun... para mapakita mo na ikaw ay iba at decent ka eh wag ka ng mag meowww ng meooww ng kung anik anik pa.. dahil hindi lang ignore ang gagawin ko sa iyo.. pag nag kataon..

    as for the new modem they will use.. eh tinanong ko yung support bakit need pa? lalo na sabi ng pusa eh may bayad pa.. eh modem na luma eh pwedeng mag DHCP din.. anung klaseng DHCP kaya yun.. hmmm..

  6. Thanks for the detailed info, Mikos.

    Guys, if you are planning to avail of this product, remember that the 15 Gb limit per month includes both download and upload data. Also, be prepared to use a third-party bandwidth monitoring tool to check your usage versus the actual usage reported to you by Bayantel's server ( may never know... ;)).

  7. Dahu???

    Excuse me. Insulto na ata ito. Bakit mo ako ginawang lalake? My name is Reian! Palayaw ko KAT. Kaya nga pusa ginamit ko dito na avatar then you turn me into a guy? Sus!

    Oo nasa Bayan Forum ako. Search me: REIAN. I am an inactive member there, I just read stuff there.


    Yes, I perfectly understand where you are coming from. I am sorry. Do not worry, I will be more formal next time (if there will be a next time). You can do whatever you wish. I know you are one of the moderators here. After all, foruming is never a passion for me.

    I just shared what I knew and got from friends, considering some people from Globe and Bayan are my suitors/ka-gimikan na din.

    Sorry, but with the way things are, I would rather be inactive here. Thank you still for the time for reading what was a fun time for me being a "CAT" for awhile. I am no good at it. So there you go the real person.

    Have a good day everone.

    This is Reian, signing off from PINOYDSL.

    By the way, please delete the account. I do not see the option in my preferences or account settings. God bless.
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    noted... :cool:

  9. @Abishai

    Napaka ANNOYING kasi ng mga post mo the way you type. Informal nga yun.
    pero TY nadin sa share's mo/.
  10. kailrusha

    kailrusha Member

    diba friend naman kayo ni doon ---- >

    Oi may Bayantel Telecommunication sa likod niyo. mahirap talaga maniwala moderators doon ay Volunteer ng Bayantel. Subscriber nga pero doesnt mean na hindi kayo taga bayantel. may possibilidad na impleyado rin kayo ng bayantel maybe sa customer relation or anong department sa loob ng bayantel. pwede rin hindi talaga kayo sa bayantel.


    Doon sa New Plan ng bayantel 3Mbps 15Gb cap ok naman siya. sa Friendster Light Surfing.
    Question. Maganda ba yong service, sa mga taong darating
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga yun din inisip ko.. di naman kasi ako downloader so enough na ang 15GB.. problema lang .. not sure if the DHCP configuration will be stable.. eh yung PLDT NGN na naka DHCP problematic hehehehe... ano pa kaya BayanDSL.. hmmm...

  12. I am not supposed to be posting anymore. After all I asked duhwho to delete the account. At any rate, perhaps I can for once just post some stuff being human, and not simply impersonating the feline creature that sounds like my nick name.

    Yes, kilala ko ang mga taga Bayan. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not working for them. I am an accountant by profession, and I am currently working for an international bank. Does the name: Deutsche Bank ring a bell to you?

    I know the people from Bayan and Globe because I met them in many of their activities. The moderators at the forum are volunteers. If you do not want to believe then I will not force you. I have proof they are not employees, except for a few, and they happen to be not active. Mikhos used to be my employee (I used to be a supervisor in another company where Mikhos and I work, with him being my assistant, that is where we met).

    You may see my pictures all over the forum (salamat sa link, ngayon alam nyo na na BABAE ang kausap nyo). Pasensha na din kung mahilig ako mag "Meow" dati. So now that you know na BABAE ako, siguro naman me konting respeto. Salamat.

    My friends there love to take pictures. However we should not associate them with being employees because time and again, the management of Bayan has already issued a statement that some of its moderators in the Forum are not their employees, especially Mikhos. Kaya paki usap naman sana po. Do not associate him with Bayan since he is just an ordinary subscriber and he does not get anything out of it. He is now employed with another US based company.

    Sana wag na natin pag initan pa kung ano naman ang hindi dapat. Tahimik na ginagawa ng mga tao ang kanilang trabaho. Kung wala naman po tayong proof (prueba) na taga Bayan sila, sana pabayaan na lang natin sila. Hindi yung pinag iisipan natin sila ng kung ano ano dahil lamang hindi sila pumapabor sa mga adhikain natin o sa ating mga saloobin. Yun lang po. Igalang na lang po natin ang kanilang saloobin.

    Maraming Salamat po.

  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    Hi Reian,

    Thanks for responding to kailrusha with decency. ;)

    Pero I have some question, why Bayantel setup a forum? is that another medium where subscriber can seek assistance? or its just a social networking site? since wala naman palang Bayantel Rep dun na talagang mag aasikaso... hehehehe... i guess its just another social networking site..

    saka kung social networking site.. di ba mga info about new product should be firstly introduce or officially introduce dun sa forum? i had to call tech support to get that info.. and good thing i have enough time to wait in line hehehe.. if site like that forum would be an alternative to phone call would be better.. or mag Facebook na lang sila ng Fan Page gaya ng globe.. to at least make announcement on new product or services..

    saka pa meow naman... ano ba talaga ang status nila? is there ongoing talk with some Telco? hmmm.. hehehehe chika minute hehehe :rolleyes:

    sorry i will not delete nor recommend to delete your account just because you had some issue on meow meow.. i give chance for a change.. :p

  14. Mahirap maging supervisor, lalo na sa bank. They require you to be so formal all the time. Minsan nakakapagod. Kaya sensha na kung medyo naglaro ako sa PinoyDSL. It is one side na di ko pinapakita sa employees namin kasi we are expected to show a certain behavior lagi. I am sure alam mo kung ano ang ibig kong sabihin.

    Yung forum is under sa Marketing Department ng BayanTel. Para lang ata sa feedback yung site na yun. Parang social networking site na din na exclusive sa subscribers at friends ng subscribers. Me nabasa akong post sa Forum yung tungkol sa Facebook. Dati na pala nilang kinonsider yan pero hindi nila tinuloy kasi wala ang Facebook yung platform na hanap nila. Kaya nagtayo sila ng sarili nila.

    Inaasikaso naman nila yung mga problems ng subscribers dun. Ang alam ko yung mga ibang moderators dun empleyado ng BayanTel, yun lang karamihan sa kanila, puro subscribers lang. Yung moderators ang madalas me communication sa management. Kaya nga puro follow up lang dun. Pag technical support na mabilisan, sa hotline ang punta mo. Limitado din kasi ang pwede nilang gawin sa forum. Tama ka na malamang pang social networking na focused sa subscriber nila. Nabalitaan ko nga dati na i-tie up nila yung forum nila with Multiply. Hindi ko lang alam kung anong nangyari. Hindi na rin kasi binalitaan.

    Yung sa product, dati na nilang ginawa yun. Sa Forum nila nilabas. Yung bago na tukoy mo now, hindi lang nila nilabas kasi pilot pa lang yung gagawin nila. Yung DHCP project sa province muna mag start. Saka na dito sa Manila, for now sa new installs lang muna. By the way, hindi ko na itatago, ke Mikos ko nakuha yung info na yan.

    Ang last na narinig ko, me inaasikaso sila with the Telcos regarding yung sa interconnections nila. Pero wala akong details. Tama, nakikpag usap sila, yun naamoy ng aking "MEOW". Hihihi!!! :D

    So far yan pa lang yung alam ko.

    No problem. Madali naman po ako kausap. Sensha na uli kung naglaro ako ng konti. Hihihi!!!! :D

  15. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Who needs 3mbps kung pang Facebook o Friendster lang?
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ok lang mag ibang character like me.. hehehe syempre iba ang office iba ang social site.. di naman totally serious basta within you know level that people will not misconstrued.. kasi dito when we type on what we say.. there is no tone or expression so its hard sometimes to identify if a statement is sarcastic or not di ba hehehe

    at syempre i have a cats in my house.. so i don't like someone using them in another bad way.. hehehehe.. so dapat mabait ka rin gaya nila.. hehehe

    teka... when you say yung 3Mbps 15GB DHCP is for new install? so meaning existing subs like me hindi pwede?... kasi may mga poster na silang nilagay dun sa isang street na nearby pero hindi dun sa amin street.. about Ma something di ko mabasa.. basta 899 3Mbps.. so hindi ako pwede mag migrate??
  17. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ako hehehe... since di naman ako gumagamit ng 5 days x 12 hours.. hehehehe at least kahit 2 days eh may 3Mbps ako hehehehe
  18. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Ako may PLDT plan 990 (512kbps) at Globe plan 1295 (2mbps). Kung web browsing lang hindi ko pansin ang difference sa bilis mag load ang isang web page. Halata lang pag may dinadownload.

    Doon na ako sa plan 990 ng PLDT kung pang casual web browsing lang. At least, hindi ka kakaba-kaba kung kailan ma hit mo ang cap. The stress is not worth it.
  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    kaso yung 990 eh 384kbps lang di ba? :)
  20. motion55

    motion55 Member

    640kbps kami.

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