BayanDSL as my isp. Yes or no?

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by kill-switch, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Hello po.
    I'm about to get BayanDSL as my isp. As i have read feedbacks here in the internet, BayanDSL is slow daw. Pero I asked my friends, mabilis daw dito sa lugar namin (Legazpi City). But im not quite sure if it's suitable for online gaming (FLYFF). Should I get BayanDSL? Some advice? Thanks a lot :---)
    (I'm using SmartBulok and its freaking slow.)
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    for online gaming no feedback.. for other usage like torrent/downloading and browsing ok naman ... stable naman sa akin.. pero eto ang issue.. new comers are set to DHCP Type.. not PPPoE type and I'm not sure how stable it is..

  3. Yes it is stable mabagal lang sa international downloads.

  4. Thanks for the feedbacks. We're going to get Bayan nalang. I think :rolleyes: Which is faster PLDT or Bayan? :confused:

  5. Thanks for the feedbacks. We're going to get Bayan nalang. I think :rolleyes: Which is faster PLDT or Bayan? :confused:
  6. duhwho

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    well for me Bayan hehehe..
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    dapat dito naka enable yun poll hehehe ;)

  8. For online gaming (local) it really depends on the server. But for international (outside south east asia) it depends on the route it takes. I believe most games uses this one particular route which gets congested during peak hours but bareable(at playable range but not FPS though). So grade is average.
    For downloads on http. If the link you're downloading is slow problem lies on Bayan's residential routing to international links. So its recommended to use Bayantel's proxy. But again there are only a handful of websites which experiences slow download. So grade is Good
    For the rest(torrents, youtube, fb, mails) are working fine. Grade here is Excellent.

    Based on my experiences. And also most important is it really depends on the area.

  9. I am subcribing to Bayantel here ins Surigao City this week, I heard they are fast because they only have less than 50 subscribers here. Mostly had Philcom and Globelines. Who's from Surigao here with BayanDsl.
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    naku bago na vote ko.. wag na bayantel hehehe

  11. well, try ko na lang. pag panget connection...papadiskonek ko...doesnn't matter kung magbabayad ako ng termination fee.

  12. sir yan pala yung sinasabi ng friend ko na taga byantel... may problem yata sila sa dhcp.. ako naka pppoe kasi nakabit bayan dsl namin 4 years ago pa

  13. [​IMG]

    Eto speed ko ngayun since nakabitan ako ng Internet last friday. Not perfect but consistent naman na mabilis and I am getting at least 90% of what I subscribed for (1mbps). MEdyo nagkaproblema lang sila sa DHCP last friday, hinde ako makakonnect dahil hinde nakaka generate ng IP address yung modem ko. I was then told by their technician na may problema daw that day. Pero bandang 7pm, ok na yung connection.

  14. [​IMG]

    And using another server. This is What I have.

  15. [​IMG]

    Ako po iyan for 1mbps. Naka PPPoE ako kasi matagal ng DSL line itong amin. So far ok naman siya..Normaly ang problem namin ay physical line, nahuhugot sa poste yung linya namin kaya kapag ganun, nakak experience kami ng DC. Pero kapag naayos na, OK na ulit. Taga Nova QC ako.
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  17. WOW. Buti ka pa. Naka PPOE ako sa PLDT Philcom dito sa amin sa Surigao pero mag 1 month na wala akong connection buti na lang may BayanDSL ako na backup. Yes, napansin ko na DHCP connection ako and my IP address changes every 24 to 48 hours. Pero sa PLDT ko dati? naka 80 IP address ako in 1 day! dba? ang tinde. Lage pa nadidiskonek modem ko.



    eto connection ko ngayun with BayanDSL. Grade C+ lang but still ok pa din ang speed and livestreaming is bearable. Browsing is good. This is way better than the current PLDT connection I used to have.

  18. [​IMG]

    This is my current Ping Test from my BayanDSL connection here in Surigao City. As of 7:25pm. This is better than PLDT Philcom service.

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