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  1. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    Heres my bandwidth in palawan using PALCOM ISP

    PALCOM ISP is using IGATE,,, signals came from JPAN>PLDT A1>IGATE>PALCOM

  2. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    37Mbps? wow! hehehe....

  3. What is your bandwidth limitation? Do they charge you for bandwidth? Can you actually download at 37mpbs? How much do you pay?
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    satellite internet yan?

    anong website nila?

    anong A1?
  5. primus

    primus Member

    scpc circuit can go beyond 65mbps, and usually with that speed scpc na iyan and unlimited d/l, hehehe mahal lang talaga... if that is a scpc circuit and with that speed, i reckon it's within the range of 10K~20K USD ang monthly. hehehehe... pang backhaul na eh..
  6. friday13

    friday13 Member

    I think he will not able to get that speed on downloading.

    8 bits = 1 bytes (correct if i'm wrong)
  7. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    Actually A1 is the main line ng PLDT.
    For ex sa palawan may 2 A1 ang pldt,, yong isa exlusive para sa ISP namin which is PALCOM,,,then yong isang A1 is for smart and DSL.

    the company pays 150 thou monthly to PLDT for the IGATE and A1 line.
    marami parin kaming problem dito kahit ganyan kabilis speed namin,,, coz once na mag down tower ng PLDT using radio signal sa btangas affected kami,,,

    Architecture will goes like this


  8. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member


    sa speed walang problema,,, naggamit namin video streaming ng walang log kahit anong site download naman ala ring problema.

    Pero itong speed na to is for business,,, may mga client din just like wifi.

    Main problem namin dito is kung paano dumami ang client namin hahati hatiin din nila yong ganito kagandang speed heheheheh.

    Same lang din ng smartbro dati ok pa ng dumami medyo bumagal na

  9. friday13

    friday13 Member

    kanu monthly nyo jan sir or meron po bang site na pede namin tignan ang mga services nila?
  10. primus

    primus Member

    akala ko satellite link yan, nasa "Satellite" forum kasi eh... hehehehe :) ano ba yan leased line ba?
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    kala ko nga bagong term ang A1 for satellite transmission

    pero baka A1 yan yung term nang igate for certain services they offer....


  12. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    hhahahah oo nga pala nasa satellite forum nga pala hehehe

    Limit namin sa client is 1 mbps for 925 per month,,, 1500 installation fee

    yes sir this is A1 for igate,,, but meron kaming sariling A1 line kaya yong labas at pasok exclusive lang sa amin wala kaming kaagaw

  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    what do u mean A1? link rate yan?

    hindi ba E1?

    1mbps per client using what medium? wireless? dsl?
  14. techsampler

    techsampler Member

    Ang bangis naman.
  15. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    I think they are using Wifi.
    problema lang maliit pa coverage area, basically san pero/national highway.

    1) kelan mag increase ang coverage? anong area na ang covered nyo?
    2) burstible ba ang 1mbps for capped?

    maybe kelangan nyo ng area to install your repeaters to increase your coverage, hehehe, mapaguusapan naman yan (sa Rizal ako).
  16. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member

    i mean A1 ---main line provided by LOCAL PLDT here in Palawan.

    1 mbps per client using wireless connection.
    Actually yong malapit sa main line namin na client umaabot sila ng 1.8 mps.

    yong malalayong client naman umaabot sila ng 1.something mbps kapag 10 pm to 9 am

  17. nietzsche88

    nietzsche88 Member


    local din peering nyo w/ PLDT? ok yung latency on PLDT game servers (pldtplay)?
  18. joefzlaurente

    joefzlaurente Member


    yes sir,,, actually yong nature ng company namin is ISP pero meron din kaming I-cafe,,, ok lahat ng online games dito...

    Problem lang kami kapag nasira yong main tower ng PLDT sa batangas,,, yon kasi yong nagbabato ng signal using radio signal sa PALAWAN PLDT VSAT.

  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ay microwave via batangas.. wala bang cable from batangas going to palawan?

    pero ok na rin yan...


  20. primus

    primus Member

    microwave? batangas to palawan? gaano kaya kataas ang antenna nila? i mean considering the location of batangas all the way to palawan and the obstruction in between?? hindi kaya puro relay station iyon?

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