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    Sana may ganito ko

    Scrooge McDuck lives. An ATM receipt showing a balance of nearly $100 million dollars was discovered at an East Hampton Village bank.
    A customer found the receipt hanging out of the ATM's slot. The customer who found the receipt showed it to financial The receipt, dated June 18, doesn't list the account holder's name but does indicate that the person has $99,864,731.94 in a personal savings account (that's after a $400 withdrawal and a $2.75 service charge). The East Hamptons is a well known playground for the very wealthy.
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    ah yan ang tinatawag na "hidden wealth"... palagay ko lang... ang may-ari nyan ay pinoy General o kaya may mataas na posisyon sa gobyerno ng pinas... hehehe
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    dami pera nyan. 400 lang with draw nya pang snacks nya siguro hehe
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    pag dito cguro sa pinas yan suko ang machine pag nag withdraw

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