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Discussion in 'PC Modifications' started by bulakenyo, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. bulakenyo

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    Mayroon po ba dito nakatry na nung Core-unlocker feature ng Asus motherboad? Gusto ko sana itry kaso natatakot ako baka masira ko pa PC ko.
  2. technix

    technix Guest

    I think, "UCC" or "Unlock CPU Core" feature naman ang tawag sa ASRock.

    If I got one that right, here's my thread sa Review Me section: [Motherboard] ASRock N68C-S UCC.

  3. Hello po, Is Safe po ung mga Core Unlock?? or what we call OC???? hehehee
  4. josekym

    josekym Member

    Core Unlock is not really "OC" (as in Over Clocking).

    Kung gumana yung originally disabled core mo, and it is stable in running your OS, apps, etc., then wala ka dapat ikabahala.

  5. ganu din po ang gamit ko yung asus m4n68t-m v2. yung sempron ginawa kong athlon. ok naman po. 4 months pa lang po.
  6. bulakenyo

    bulakenyo Member

    "....has the skills to circumvent the design of certain AMD multi-core processors. The chip maker disables a core when creating certain dual-core and three-core CPUs, and Asus has devised a Core Unlocker switch and placed it on its board. When enabled, the switch attempts to open up those disabled cores for more bang for your computing buck."

    So its definitely different from over clocking...
  7. bulakenyo

    bulakenyo Member

    Natry ko na, and the result? walang effect, hehe. Yung processor ko is Athlon II X4 640 3GHz, nung in-Enable ko yung Core Unlocker, walang nangyari same pa rin, hehe. Siguro kasi dahil walang "natutulog" na core dun sa processor ko. Kung X3 siguro baka maging X4, hehe, sayang nasa 1k pa naman ang price diff nila, hehehe.
  8. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    Wala ka talagang mauunlock kasi unlock na lahat ng 4 cores mo ...

    And do take note that core unlocking in AMD cpu's are all hit or miss chances, depende kasi yan sa mga batch ng CPU kung ayos ba yung disabled core, minsan sa dalawang core na naka disable isa lang yung pwede mo iunlock, so it means that you need to manually disable the broken core to use the other core or else, magiging unstable yung system. But overall, SAFE ang pag uunlock ng core, wag kayu matakot pwede nyu naman idisable ulit yung "UCC" just in case na palpak yung natutulog na core ... MSI, ASUS and ASROCK motherboards are the best pick for higher chance of successful core unlocking.
  9. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    I'm not interested in this feature. Why? There is a reason why those cores are disabled in the first place.
    Those cores are faulty and enabling them will degrade your processor(short circuit). It will also cause system instability issues.
  10. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    Not all of your statement is true. I have a Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition, 2 cores disabled and I have successfully unlocked it to a fully functioning Phenom II X4 without any problem. By the way I'm a Computer Engineer and short circuit is not even possible inside the CPU core, voltage leak pwede pa. If they cannot be unlock, it's just that they have a very low manufacturing yield, thus not meeting the standard core performance. Remember that there are several reasons kung bakit nila dinisable ng AMD yung mga extra cores, because it's either mataas ang consumer demand sa X3 and X2 line model ng CPU, forcing them to disable several cores to meet the demands OR talagang faulty lang yung extra cores because of it's poor yield. That's it, but still hit or miss parin yan kung lucky ka makakuha ng healthy hidden cores.
  11. justine25

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    well explained...^^

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