Ask ko lang po about sa ip address..

Discussion in 'Internet cafe business' started by Hector Troy, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Mas ok po ba kung nka dynamic ip address ung client at server??
  2. josekym

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    Servers are usually on Static IP, since it is easier to locate them on the network this way... Yung mga clients can be Dynamic IP.

  3. sir ano pong magandang dns server address ang magandang gmitin??..
    btw thx for the rply po..
  4. josekym

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    Try, or, for DNS.

  5. Kua josekym.. dapat bang iba iba ung dns server address ng mga clients ku?? i have 20clients po kxe..
    tapos ung server i static ku nlng po ba ung ip address nya?..salamat po..
  6. josekym

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    IP addresses ang dapat unique per computer. DNS addresses should be uniform. Ikaw ang dapat makakaalam sa IP address na ilalagay mo sa server mo.

    For example:

    Server PC: <-- Assigned statically by you
    Client PCs: <-- Can be assigned automatically via DHCP on your LAN/router

  7. DNS server address ng client at server ay pareho lahat pati na default gateway...

  8. Static ip lahat mas ok mas madaling ma identify sa server.
    sample: server

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