anyone using evo dsl? some comments for eastern here.

Discussion in 'Eastern DSL' started by huangyenhao, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. hello i'm currently searching for a broadband provider, since only eastern and smart bro are available in my area so i must choose an isp from these two providers.
    according to some of my friends and comments from pinoydsl and other websites, smart bro is not really reliable and customer service is not good as evo dsl is the only one i'm thinking about.
    after i compared to the other isp, here i need to comment something about eastern telecom.

    1. not competitive - 384 kbps for P990/month, i know pldt,skydsl and globe have upgraded their speed at least to 512 kbps or even 768 kbps during SOD.

    2. installation fee - 2.8k one time service fee. too expensive to the other providers.

    3. in terms of quality and service, eastern has 24 hrs technical support and good customer services (mon-fri) , very stable speed and few dc happen.

    4. schedule of installation - no comment yet, but sales told me within 20 days....(good or bad?)
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    go for eastern if you don't care about the cost and days of installation.. but you want reliable service and connection

    go for smart bro if you want cheap installation and 3 days only but dont have reliabel service and connection


  3. @Huang: Same here....I currently have PLDT myDSL in my other location...been down for about 2 week STRAIGHT now. Only other options are BRO wireless and EVO. I have been wanting to get EVO but installation fee is just crazy. BTW, how'd you know the connection is stable when you haven't had yours connected yet? Anyway, please do inform us on what happens...would help a lot! Thanks.
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    di naman kailangan connected ka to know if evo is stable.. as long as you have other means to verify it


  5. I heard somebody from say that evo is quite good in their service and consistant connection.

    i called their support yesterday and i told them what i feel about eastern,they said their management and sales groups have been discussing about package upgrading but still hard to say when will it be implemented.

    regarding installation, they told me i may get discount on installation, just told me to wait for their customer rep. to call me back on mon since sales and customer support operate from mon - fri only.

    this is my guess, dealer or agent gets commission from installation, thats why they told me i "may" get discount on it.

  6. D kasi ako nagbabasa ng ibang forums tungkol sa phil dsl dito naman, wala masyado nakasulat about EVO...kaya d ko alam....Masyado ata akong loyal sa pinoydsl kasi dito lang ako nagbabasa ng mga opinions about dsl services...hehehehe Anyways, thanks for the feedback!
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    well yung officemate ko may internet cafe sa intramuros, eastern din DSL provider nya. ok daw service, no problem encountered so far. less maintenance din daw. ang prob lang nya eh yung mga users, mahilig mangalikot ng configuration so i told him to use DeepFreeze hehehe! (OT na)

  8. hi all
    i finally got my evo dsl installed.
    the service is ok so far,my package is 384kpbs (down/up)
    and i've got consistent speed of 40~43kbs
    now i wish eastern can upgrade speed soon to at least 512 kbps :wink:
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member


    hope to give us feedback


  10. I have EVO Dsl installed in our office. I think mga 5 months na ito ngayon and sobrang masaya ako sa sevice, speed, and tech support nila. Ito din sana gusto ko ipalagay sa house pero wala sila sa area namin.
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    oo nga di sila focus kasi sa residential kainis hehehehe

  12. pwede kaya magpetition na i-expand nila ang mga residential areas nila? Gusto ko talaga evo eh
  13. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    pwede sana.. kung gusto nila...

    focus kasi sila sa corporate account...
  14. qlop

    qlop Member

    Um manganda po ba ang evo dsl sa Gaming? Pro8 area po sa Q.C ?

  15. hello!

    so far wala pa po ata facilities ang eastern sa pro8, last i heard they are expanding na...I'll keep you posted nalng po kung meron na dyan...

    ngfofocus na din po ngaun ang eastern sa mga residential...ngaun, evo dsl po gamit ko!maganda naman po ang service...bihira po nmn magdown yung service...ok din yung cust service nila! :lol:
  16. qlop

    qlop Member

    may plano pa ba mag upgrade ng speed un evoDsl ? sana 512kbps na rin un plan 990 nila

  17. Please inform us kung meron na silang residential especially sa Pasig area. Gusto ko talaga sila kasi ok yung sa office namin. Galing pa ng customer service!

  18. far as i know kase, nagexpand na sila..metro manila wide na sila ngaun...pero it will take some time siguro sa pgalagay nila ng mga poste sa new areas nila... :)
  19. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    wow... cool

    hope to see more agressive eastern


  20. yeah! :)

    sana talaga lumawak na coverage next year ata, magroroll out na sila... :)

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