Anyone here use a seedbox?

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by carlo_scute, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Anyone here use a seedbox?

    Nag-research ako ng seedbox uses and definitions, pero I don't understand how it works.. complete noob ako :?:

    How do you upload torrents there? Do you need special tools and software?
    Slow lang kase ang speed ko sa dsl. maganda yta magka -seedbox

    Help naman, thanks'
  2. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Updating my thread,
    May nagpahiram sakin ng seedbox from another forum.

    Seedbox company would provide:url(web address) , username and password e.g.

    Username: johntravolta
    Password: pirateme1030

    may software na provided sa page like: utorrent or or torrentflux in my case (see screenshot)

    and just add torrents and seedbox na bahalang mag-download
    and upload for you.


    blue=total size uploaded
    yellow=upload speed
    upper right=stats

    then to transfer the files(you downloaded) from the seedbox server to your pc, you need to download:
    filezilla ftp client or any ftp client you choose and just input the url, usern and passw,then it's like windows explorer
    drag and drop from remote site(your seedbox) to your pc
    see screenshot:

    (local site-your pc / and remote site-seedbox)

  3. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    yung seedbox parang anu pala yan, rapidshare or other filehosting site na dun mo ilalagay muna ang download mo then download mo ang file mo through FTP.

    Advantage: No will not worry about seeding, since the provider will seed it for you. In short in private torrent site you can maintain high level ration. This is good for downloading HD.
    You will not worry that your drive will be full of torrent file that needed to be seed.

    Disadvantage: Will you have to download the file from seedbox through FTP, and if your connection is disconnected chances your download will be cut off too.

    Pwedi pla magshare ng files dyan without worrying na seed ka pa kasi kukuha ka lg sa box ng friend mo...

    Dude, dead link...try ko sana sa HD....
  4. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    sample account lang unwired, seedbox pang private tracker lang talaga.
    may mga shared seedboxes roughly 1000php per month, may mas expensive
    mga dedicated server talaga and ikaw lang ang owner.
  5. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    aw..akala ko real account...huhhuh...
  6. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Screenshot of seedbox using Utorrent.

    (check out the upload speed: 2.0MB/s

    Fyi: It's not mine though, just borrowed for a day.

  7. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    example of a well-seeded torrent

    e.g. a large torrent file (Superbike World Championship for Xbox 360) Bitsoup
    5.75 Gigabytes.


    seeders: 16 / leechers: 9

    actual seedbox leechers: 8

    upload speed 851.3kB/s

    total downloaded:5.75 Gig

    total uploaded: 46.2 Gig

    ratio for this torrent 46.2/57.75 = 8.03

  8. Seedbox,up ratio, up uploads, save account, bcome apoweruser

    hey, mga peeps sino may seedbox d2 pa share naman i willing to pay via western union monthy.. i dont hav enough money to open account para sa credit card very expensive at d ko naman kailgan credit card mas gus2 k p cash.

    thanks, reply asap.. sa mga adik s seedbox!
  9. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Re: Seedbox,up ratio, up uploads, save account, bcome apower

    Try mo to:

    pwede moneybookers or western union.
    (but read terms and conditions first)
    (ganda rin but I'm not sure if they accept moneybookers)

  10. thnx

    salamat sa info bro carlo_scute..
  11. phi7588

    phi7588 Member

    pag nanghiram kayo seedbox based ba siya sa connection ng net mo?

  12. hello, phi7588

    ang seedbox hindi sya base sa internet connection mo sa sariling speed sya
    100 Mbps up & down kaya mabilis tataas ratio mo ibig sabihin mabilis sya mag seed compare natin sa internet connection natin d2 sa pinas maximum speed ng upspeed is 1 Mbps so hindi sapat kong ang speed mo ay 12 mbps down then
    1 mbps up madaling mag download pero mahirapan naman sa seeding na kasi ang mga nakakalaban mo sa seeding may mga seedbox so talo ka doon hehe... compare mo naman

    kong gus2 mo mag seedbox pm mo lng ako. mayron kaming 10 torrent 75 gb
    space HD at sa murang halaga lng...
  13. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Re: hello, phi7588

    nicely explained.

  14. sinong may gusto ng seedbox ako ang mayroong pinakamurang price PM nyo lang ko 10 process 50 gb for only 13 dollars a month

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