Ano po mas magandang bilin na processor pang gaming

Discussion in 'PC Modifications' started by karmic, May 17, 2011.

  1. Phenom II X2 550 (3.1G) 6mb AM3 or

    Intel E7500 (2.93G) 3mb 1066fsb C2D

    ano po ba mas maganda pang gaming
  2. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    google for game benchmarks

    there are some here
    Tom's Hardware Guide Processors: CPU Charts 2006
  3. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    It depends, if you want to try your luck in core unlocking, then choose AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition, may chance ka dyan makakuha ng triple or even a fully working quadro core CPU in a price of dual core. Intel on the other hand, mas mabilis siya Clock-per-Clock kasya sa AMD CPU's; and If your going for a dual core Intel CPU, choose the 2nd Generation Intel Core i3 series instead of the one you stated above.
  4. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    Take the Phenom II X2 550 in case AMD could come up with a new technology that can match intel's nelahem architecture. Then you are ready to upgrade since your going to use the latest socket from AMD which is AM3.
  5. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    We will see that new tech from AMD (widely known as Bulldozer Core) sometime in June 2011, I'm actually looking forward to that to see how well it will compete with Intel's latest 2nd generation Core i-series CPU's. :D
  6. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    If you want to go with intel take the I3 or I5 processors. Don't buy any processors that still use the socket 775 platform because its EOL is near.
  7. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    just remember i3 and i5 come in first and second generations. Get the newer one of course, thats a no brainer. Plus in this case, the improvement is pretty noticable

    I think we should call them i3.0 and i3.1 para malinaw
  8. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    I agree, the 2nd gen Sandy Bridge are 17% faster than the 1st gen Nehalem architecture, especially when decrypting/encrypting AES security with their new AES instruction set. And the new 2nd iteration of Sandy Bridge, the Ivy Bridge will be 20% much faster than Sandy Bridge.
  9. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    then call it i3.2/15.2 or i3.1.1/i5.1.1

    if you study military terminology, ganyan sila. Sa M1 tank meron M1 then M1A1 then M1A2 then M1A3 ...
  10. nethPH

    nethPH Guest

    If ever you wanted to call it out that way. Just state it clearly that it's the way how you've named it to avoid confusion among other people.
    Good luck, then. :p
  11. ewanko

    ewanko Member

    How about AMD ddr3 support?... SOCKET AM3 malapit narin ba?EOL?

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