ANO BA ANG WiFi... help naman mga guys...

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by prettygurl22, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. wifi???

    hmmm... nu kaya to???

    pahelp namn ndi ko lam wakkeke

    :D :lol: :lol: :wink:
  2. bridge

    bridge Member

    hi pretygurl

    ang wifi means Wireless Fidelity
    its like these.

    if telephones have a wireless/cordless phone
    then computer lan/network also have wireless lan or called "wifi"

    ang gamit nyan is to connect two or more computers without wires :)

    any more questions prerygurl?
    where are you from?

  3. oic... ganun po ba? tnx pow...

    dito po ako sa nueva vizcaya

  4. ano naman ang voIP

    ano naman ang voIP?
    at ano ang tawag sa network card na wireless does it have an antenna or sensor? at ano tawag sa net. card?
  5. bridge

    bridge Member

    voIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol
    simply it means, it uses the internet to transmit your voice
    instead of using the regular highcost system used by telcos

    ang tawag sa network card na wireless us WIRELESS NIC or WIRELESS NETWORK INTERFACE CARD or simply wireless netcard
    its an antenna not sensor.

  6. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    aka Wireless Adapter .... there is also Wireless USB and Wireless Bridge... No antena for Wireless PC Card / Card Bus.

  7. can help you too. :D

  8. other good links for tech terms are:

  9. I admire bridge, duhwho, chie, and schnell for your patience. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. I surprise myself sometimes. Heh. :twisted:
  11. radski

    radski Member

    hi magpost sna ako kung ano ung wifi den nakita ko to thanks for the info pero naguluhan pa rin ako...

    2weeks from now magkaroon na ko ng skydsl my promo cla na one time fee of P500 for unlimited wifi access... ano po ba maganda use ng wifi since my dsl naman???

    magkaiba ba ung smart wifi sa bayantel wifi access??? ung sa bayantel wifi pede mo access ang net by using your laptop (wla naman ako) whereas sa smart wifi is iconnect ka thru antenna gamit ang pc mo sa net...???

    sorry po noob pa kc ako ok lng kya kung magpalagay na rin ako ng wifi ng bayantel? thanks in advance
  12. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    ang dsl kasi nakalagay sa bahay mo at syempre hindi mo pwede dalhin kahit saan.
    kung wala kang laptop o pda na may wifi, huwag ka na mag apply kasi hindi mo magagamit.

    magkaiba ang smartwifi sa bayantel wifi. ang smart wifi fixed sya (weroam mobile pero gprs based sya meaning parang cellphone) at ang bayantel wifi naman ay ala airborn access, ang gamit ay wireless ap.
  13. parirami

    parirami Member

    bayantel wi-fi is free if nag DSL ka... i think you pay lang one time... tapos free na cya after ...
  14. se7en2wo

    se7en2wo Member

    san ang mga hotspot ng bayantel wifi?

    Or is it the same as Smart WiFi? Kung same anong base statio gamit nila?
  15. parirami

    parirami Member

    same as airborne access they have a partnership so that's 200 hotspots unlimited cya i think. bundled with DSL nga lang... one time payment unlike other wi-fi na bibili ka pa for use... problem mo lang is limited area ang franchise ng bayantel so if your not in their area sorry na lang hehehehehe

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