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    I'm using dialup for the last 2 years at home (dsl sa office). Fastest card and most reliable pa rin isp bonanza in my case.

    since I owned a internet cafe shop before, nasanay tuloy ako sa dsl speed. dsl din ang ginagamit sa office. So when ever I came home frustrated ako sa dial up speed ko. Despite being connected at 52kbps, mabagal talga.

    after months of searching I found something that makes my life easier in tweaking the optimal speed i can get from my dial up connection without the loss of picture quality.

    here's the link: ... 25667.html

    if the link won't work, copy and paste the link on your address bar to go the site . Install it. It works po in my case. I'm using windows xp and an internal modem.

    One of the things I learned (while the shop was opened )was tweaking my windows to allow better MTU and RWIN for a dsl network setup. Because of it , I tried tweaking these variables also at home for my dial up. Kaso, hit and miss and it took forever to find the right setting. With the TZ connection booster, my dial up speed is now a little better and faster. Its no where near dsl but two thumbs up ang increase.

    One more thing, your web surfing speed will downgrade if you have lots of spywares secretly installed in your unit when you visit certain sites. try to avoid the spywares and malware sites. They usually can be found at porn sites or supposed too good to be true sites.
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    you may also try Google Web Accelerator.. speeds up your browsing speed by using cache..


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