AMD is Close to its END

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  1. friday13

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    AMD is Close to its END

    Once upon a time, there was this company that had many followers, but a big bad wolf came and stole their ideas, modified them and put their name on them, sold them as something
    else and buried the company into the ground. Even though the company made a desperate move to stay on top of their game, the situation was grim, at best.

    AMD posted their financial results for the first quarter of 2007, and the influence of Intel Core microarchitecture and NVIDIA's G8x series of graphics cards has taken its toll. Their revenue was of $1.233 billion, with an operating loss of $504 million and a net loss of $611 million. To make a little comparison, the fourth quarter of 2006 brought AMD a revenue of $1.773 billion and an operating loss of $529 million. Much of the “blame” also has to do with the acquisition of ATI, but they cannot be held entirely responsible for the situation.

    Robert J. Rivet, AMD’s chief financial officer said in a statement: “After more than three years of successfully executing our customer expansion strategy and significantly growing our unit and revenue base, our first quarter performance is disappointing and unacceptable. We are aggressively addressing the issues that led to our significant revenue decline. We are aligning our business model, capital expenditures and cost structure with the goal of accelerating our return to profitability. Lastly, our customer relationships remain solid, reflecting their confidence in our strategic direction, current and new products, and technology roadmaps.”

    Now all the cards that AMD has left rely on the success or the failure of the products they are about to showcase three days from now. Everybody is holding their breath, and I sure hope they pull through this “gray” period, because if they don't, Intel will have a monopole on the x86 processor market for desktops, and a lot of the server market as well. And they all say this is democracy we are living in; yeah, right.

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  2. nietzsche88

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    how sad.hehe dapat lang talaga AMD will stand up and fight back. theres just too many monopolies in the computer world now. the computing industry cant afford another one..hehe
  3. Yurgen

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    lets wait and see how things will turn out sa AMD!:(
  4. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    Thats what happen when you want to take the power world wide. They have to accept that those ATi card is way behind the Nvidia. After they took ATi they concentrated more on AMD-ATi, where in the market AMD - Nvidia is always the choice plus the arrival of Intel C2D - Nvidia graphics power. Now they saw, even ASUS is now more on Intel-Nvidia. Intel dominate the producer when it comes to MoBo production. There are more Intel base boards being release in the market than AMD base.

    64-bit/Dual Core tech was on the list way way before of Intel, its only AMD who release it in the market first, since the booming of P4 series processor they continue until the AMD release the 64-bit so Intel made the move in order not to get left behind. It's been years they (AMD) reign the crown and now its payback time from Intel. As what I read in the book before, Gordon Moore said that the technology that we are using now has been designed years back.

    We can expect very sudden drop of prices from AMD-ATi products in this coming quarters in order for them to recover the expected sales.
  5. donetus

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    price drop = upgrade

  6. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    Starts saving money again... :)
  7. friday13

    friday13 Member

    I agree with Unwired kung sakali mang mag price drop sila kahit 10% lang malaking tulong na iyon sa atin. Para sa akin ok naman ang performance ng mga products ng AMD-ATI.
  8. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    Ok naman ang AMD-ATi pero ang market is looking for AMD or Intel, powered by Nvidia video cards..Kunti na lng ngayun ang mga ATi users especially nung lumabas na ang 7900+plus series at ang para sa mga mayaman na 8800GTX/GTs
  9. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    Yeah... Usually, mas maganda ang AMD w/ ATi video cards. Pero, they prefer nVidia because it's a lot more cheaper. Sa tingin ko lang naman. :lol:
  10. Ross

    Ross Member

    I have never used AMD nor any ATi G.card.. but what im worried about if AMD will be out of the market is..monopoly.. w/o any competitor.. the reigning company can just price their product the way they want to.
  11. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    there will always be competition, question is will they be able to compete.
  12. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    You can not tell that AMD will be out in the market, what's happening right now is that they they did not meet the expected sales of the first quarter since the Intel is pwning them right now cause of C2D. If they release the 4x4 which I believe as powerful as Core Quadro, but the price will be much cheaper than Core Quadro.
  13. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    Well, I guess Intel is the best as of the moment. Due to their latest product called C2D (Core2Duo). :wink:
  14. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    ever since i tried AMD processors (AMD Athlon 800mhz to be exact). D nako bumili ng kahit anung Intel Processor. I hope AMD will resolve this problem soon.

  15. I'm thing of buying AM2. Because its cheap. Mahal pa C2D. Sana magprice drop ang mga AMD. :D
  16. friday13

    friday13 Member

    hintay pa tau ng mga 6 months sigurado babagsak an ang presyo ng C2D ng 25%. Kasi quadcore na ang mga bago natin ngayon eh.

    Pero ok din ang performance ng AMD mas mura pa.

  17. My testimony with AMD products is superb and a satisfied customer.

    Imagine my Duron 700Mhz can still manage Win2003 R2 Server, I never purchased any Intel processors yet in my entire IT career, because in Intel, I'm not convincing with their performances in terms of quality and performance tier, up to now this due to lack for customer's satisfaction. Even though there's a C2D in the market, I will wait what will AMD be the next move.

  18. AMD-ATI na ko

    Preferred ko pa rin ang AMD-ATI compared sa Intel-Nvidia kung performance lang din naman ang pag-uusapan. Kahit na mas mahal ang ATI ng konti (cheap naman ang AMD Processor) - lahat naman ng games na may intensive 3D graphics e nalaro ko na ata. Sana makarecover ang AMD sa crisis nila ngayon let's help and support them by purchasing their products, mas mamahal ang Intel pag wala ng AMD, simple MONOPOLY
  19. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    That's true bro... :D

    Actually I would upgrade my current processor and change my motherboard and video card kasi I've really heard a lot of good things about AMD & ATi. :D
  20. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    i doubt magsasara amd, americans hate monopoly. tignan nyo microsoft, daming ginasta sa anti trust and monopoly cases. kaya i don't think mangyayari yan.

    and besides ati's way better than nvidia kaya hangang nandyan ati, buhay ang amd

    nahuhuli lang ang amd ngayon, pero hahabol din yan

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