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    (UPDATE) Actor Ace Vergel dies

    By Tina Santos
    Last updated 04:55pm (Mla time) 12/15/2007

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    MANILA, Philippines -- Veteran actor Ace Vergel, who earned the reputation as the original "Bad Boy of Philippine Movies," died before dawn Saturday after suffering from a heart attack.

    Vergel, Ace York Aguilar in real life, reportedly suffered cardiac arrest and died at 3:18 a.m. at the Chinese General Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

    He was 55.

    A nurse at the hospital, who refused to be named saying she was not authorized to divulge information to the media, said the actor was rushed to the hospital Friday night.

    Vergel born was on January 22, 1952 to actress Alicia Vergel and actor Cesar Ramirez. Sister Beverly Vergel is also an actress.

    Vergel was found guilty of possession of illegal drugs in the ‘90s, a radio report said. ... _id=107056

    sayang idol ko pa namn to date kase parang BAdboy talaga sa mga pelikula..

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    galing niyan pinapatay yung yosi sa palad.
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    ganda pa nman pilikula nya na fieta...
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    buti pa cya patay na.
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    sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa ni idol.
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    heart attack din ba yong bumubula yong bibig?..

    hehe... :wink:
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    this year lang pala namatay to... kala ko matagal ng patay to eh.
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    kelan libing?
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    mkalapag lamay nga he he he
  11. zackxxx

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    sigurado dami tao dun.
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    yan ang isa sa mga tukso sa akin dati, ace vergel daw ako, kasi pareho kami buhok....hehehehe....
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    nice..... may pic ka pre? post mo dito. astig yun sabay may yosi pa. hehehehe...
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  16. napakagaling na actor yang si ace kaso nalulong lang na masamang bisyo. finally natapos na rin ang paghihirap nya.

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